Kaizo raises $ 3 million for its AI-based tools to improve customer service teams


For years, CRM has primarily been a history of software for managing customer contacts, data to support agents in completing their tasks, and tools for managing incoming requests and contact strategies. To complement this, we are now seeing a new topic: Apps that agents can use to track how they work and work better.

Today comes the latest startup in this category, a Dutch company called Kaizo, which uses AI and gamification to provide feedback on the work of the agents, tips on other procedures and tools for setting and working on goals, all of which can be used remotely the cloud. Today, the company announces $ 3 million for a launch round led by Gradient – Google’s AI Venture Fund – and French VC Partech.

And along with the semen, Kaizo (which was renamed last week by its previous name Ticketless) announces this Christoph Auer-Welsbach, former partner at IBM Ventures, joins the company alongside founder Dominik Blattner as a co-founder.

Although this is just a starting round, it comes after a period of strong growth for the company. Kaizo already has 500 companies, including Truecaller, SimpleSurance, Miro, CreditRepairCloud, Justpark, Festicket and Nmbrs, that use their software like Salesforce, Zendesk and more.

Customer service and the idea of ​​playing it to motivate employees may feel like the last one at the moment, but it is actually current and relevant to our current state when it comes to responding to and living with the corona virus .

People spend a lot more time at home, turning to the Internet and remote services to get what they need. In many cases, they find that their best plans are now in free fall. Both lead to high traffic to websites and especially to customer service centers that are overwhelmed by people who seek help.

Before you think about how Coronavirus can impact customer support teams, what mandates we had to stay away from work, and what stress they may be under.

“In our current social environment, customer care is an integral part of a company’s stability and growth, which includes remote work to meet the needs of a globalized customer base,” said Dominik Blattner, founder of Kaizo, in a statement. “With the advent of support teams using a digital workplace, it has never been so important to provide standards for measuring an agent’s performance. KPIs deliver these standards and quantify the success, performance and contribution of each team member. “

On a more general level, Kaizo is also changing the conversation about how to improve productivity. There was a greater demand for “quantified self” platforms, which had a strong impact both at work and in our private lives. However, many performance tracking services focused on both managers and employees who interfered with a lot of input. That is, if you don’t take the time, the platforms will never work as they should.

Here, the Kaizo AI element plays a key role by taking on the need to proactively report into a system.

“How we differ” Auer-Welsbach said in an interview. “Usually KPIs are top down. It’s about people setting goals and then reporting that they did something. This is a bottom-up approach. We are not trying to change employee behavior. We connect to the environment they are using and then monitor our tool. The employee does not have to report or measure anything. We track clicks on CRM, ticketing and more and analyze all of that. ”He finds that Kaizo analyzes up to 50 data points in his analysis.

“We are excited about Kaizo’s novel approach to apply AI to existing ticket data from platforms like Zendesk and Salesforce to optimize the workflow for customer support,” said Darian Shirazi, general partner at Gradient Ventures. in a statement. “Through machine learning, Kaizo understands what behaviors in customer service tickets lead to better results for customers, and then leads the agents to replicate them using ongoing game mechanics. Customer support and service platforms are not using data properly today to make agents’ lives easier and more effective. The demand that Kaizo has seen on Zendesk Marketplace since launch shows that agents have been waiting for such a solution for some time. “

Kaizo isn’t the only startup that has identified the area of ​​building new services to improve the performance of customer support teams. Compiled earlier this month, Stripe raised $ 3.1 million for what it calls the “operating system” for customer support.