Kara lost 66 pounds

Kara before and after

Transformation of the day: Kara lost 66 pounds. She broke her patellar tendon and had to endure surgeries and physiotherapy. A diagnosis of arthritis and terrible pain followed years later. Knowing that weight loss would help relieve pain, he decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery and change his lifestyle.

Kara before and after

It was in 2014 when I broke my patellar tendon and had to remain still for a total of eight weeks. I have 5 & # 39; 4 ″ and at that time I weighed almost 300 pounds (296 pounds to be exact). I had to undergo surgery to repair the tendon.

In 2015, I had to undergo another surgery to remove the hardware from my knee. Then, I received countless amounts of physiotherapy, but I never regained 100% of my knee function.

I tried to diet and exercise, but my weight was still like a yo-yo going up and down. The harder I tried, the more I felt I was failing because my weight was still stopped. It was also an emotional dining room, so you know that didn't help the situation.

It was in 2018 when old Arthur (Arthritis) showed his ugly face, and the pain he caused is something he would not wish on anyone. My doctor gave me an injection to help with the pain, and it worked for a while. Of course, when you are overweight, the advice you get from many doctors is "YOU MUST LOSE WEIGHT. Or get injections every three months." Hmm, I'll undergo surgery for 10 Joe … hahaha.

Then, on 06/06/2019, I decided to take a step for myself and underwent gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. I can say that surgery has really been good for me.

Feeding Habits: I changed my eating habits by cutting carbohydrates. My biggest problem was potatoes and bread. I did not eat many vegetables before. However, cutting carbohydrates made me eat spinach and broccoli, and now I love those vegetables.

Exercise: I've always liked cardio dance exercises, walking, etc. I try to walk at least three times a week and do at least three miles per session. Now, I am proud to say that I will train with a personal trainer this year.

My current weight is 230 pounds, and the biggest lesson I learned on this manga trip is MIND ABOUT MATTER.

I would tell anyone who has difficulty deciding on surgery, make the decision that is most appropriate for their life. Pray and ask God to guide you. Trust the process. The only thing I regret is not knowing about the procedure before.

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Kara before and after