Karl-Anthony Towns puts Timberwolves on alert



When Karl-Anthony Towns stays in Minnesota, he wants some help.

The pro of the fifth year averages career highs in points (26.5), templates (4.4) and three-point points (3.6). However, the Timberwolves are only 13th and 11th in the Western Conference (Towns missed the last nine games).

And he has some ideas on how to improve the team.

In a video released on Friday by GQ Sports' YouTube channel titled "Karl Anthony Towns Goes Undercover" on YouTube, Reddit and Twitter, Towns answered a Reddit question where he and his friends D'Angelo Russell and Devin Booker could start a Big 3.

"It would be best for me [on] the Timberwolves. So hopefully one day you will be in Minnesota. I will start it. I don't know if it will happen, but I want it to happen, ”the cities replied.

The video appears to have been filmed prior to the Wolves' last slip – they're 3: 6 because Towns is out – since Towns wears the same orange sweater he was wearing in another GQ Sports video released on November 11th ,

The Post previously reported that the Knicks are monitoring the situation in Towns. New York dreams of a scenario in which the star gets upset and New York can take advantage of the current flexibility of its cap.

The Knicks were not mentioned in the latest GQ Sports video, but another potential applicant – the Warriors –

When they replied to a Reddit post asking if he or Rudy Gobert would be a better match for the warriors, they said, "It would be me. No hit [Gobert], but I feel like they are one of the best 3-point shooting teams ever put together. And to bring myself into this team with my ability to shoot, I think it will be quite difficult to protect everyone. "

The Athletic reported last week that the Warriors were also "monitoring" his situation in Minnesota, with "multiple team leaders" reporting Towns' misfortune with the recent G League storefront.

The cities don't seem to be pushing for a Minnesota exit yet, but it's not the first time that a member of the trio of friends is suggesting a move.

Russell, who was still on the Nets at the time, posted a picture of Booker on Instagram last February wearing a web uniform.

Later in 2019, Booker, Russell and Towns graced the cover of SLAM magazine and Russell expressed his desire to start a Big 3 with his friends.

"We have to do that [photo shoot] again when we're all on the same team, ”he said in October.

"If we're all on the same team, I won't tell you which team I know because I don't know. We will do it again."

Russell and Booker average 23.2 and 25.2 points this season, respectively.