Kaylen lost 127 pounds

Kaylen before and after

Transformation of the day: Kaylen lost 127 pounds with Keto and a lot of exercise. He adhered to a specific carbohydrate limit and followed his food intake for results.

Kaylen before and after My name is Kaylen and I am currently 21 years old. I'm also 127 pounds below my highest weight of 360 pounds, leaving me at 233 pounds. I am 6 feet tall, so my weight is distributed evenly. I did everything 100 percent natural, without surgery or anything like that.

My trip began a year after completing high school. I was not happy with my body, and I felt that it hindered me, especially because I was so young. I was constantly hearing about the Keto diet, so I sat down and did some research. I also spoke with people who already did the Keto diet.

From there, I started building meal plans. I weighed all my food and recorded everything I ate. I also set a very strict carbohydrate limit for me at 25 g of carbohydrates a day. I avoided meals and cheat days during the first five months.

Kaylen before and after

After the third month, I started training with a coach at least 4 to 6 days a week. My coach worked mainly on cardiovascular and bodyweight exercises with me. I was afraid of the weights, so we stayed away from them for a while. However, now I am hitting the weights without any problem. I also attended HIIT training classes in my gym when I was not training with my coach. I also went swimming frequently.

I started my trip on July 16, 2018 and I'm still going today. Following my plan and staying dedicated led me to my current healthy state. I want to reach my target weight of 200 pounds soon, so I plan to continue working on it.

These are the things I learned on my trip, and this would be my advice for anyone who wants to lose weight.

  • Start when you are 100 percent ready.
  • Do not compare your trip with others.
  • Realizing what may have worked for someone else may not work for you.

The best advice I have: Stay dedicated.

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Kaylen before and after