Kevin Durant: I never thought about playing for the Knicks


Rehabbing star Kevin Durant rejected the story that he pulled the nets over the Knicks. He said he was always all-in in Brooklyn and didn't even think about the garden.

"These are the media that spice it up. I never got out and said anything about ever wanting to play for the Knicks. Ever," Durant said in an interview with Showtime & # 39; s "All the Smoke "When we came here last year they had the billboards up and someone asked me about it and I wasn't too excited because I didn't like it.

"It wasn't like I had anything against the Knicks; I just didn't like that attention when I played for another team. I was never really big on this New York thing. It was just everyone else, the media, that Fans. The Knick fans wanted a superstar to finally play for them. I didn't promise anyone that I would play for the Knicks. "

The truth was that all the noise that Durant and Kyrie Irving went into the garden came from the Knicks, not from them. But both came to Brooklyn on June 30 and brought DeAndre Jordan with them. And in a long interview with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Durant said he had never really thought of anything else.

"Not really. I looked at other places. The Clippers, I took a look at the Knicks just to exercise my care; but I really wanted to play for black and white," said Durant Brooklyn was an emerging city that needed a new flair, a new basketball shot.

“Because I was in Oklahoma City, I knew what it was like with a new franchise. I was excited to do something like this again in Brooklyn with a new team. I play with Kyrie Irving, who comes from Jersey and has this connection to Jersey. So I think we could win so many fans. So we had a solid thing ahead of us. You know what I mean?

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Kevin DurantCharles Wenzelberg / New York Post

"We had Sean Marks, a young, aspiring GM, a young team with a bit of experience in the playoffs. It all worked out. And when I had a couple of coaches and coaches that I worked with in Oklahoma City, I had the feeling as if they had migrated into the nets. It just felt perfect. "

Durant's relationship with assistant Adam Harrington and trainer Sebastian Poirier, both of whom were with him at the OKC, is well documented. But the connection that brought him to Brooklyn was largely that of Irving, and it deepened over a glass (or two) of Vino.

"I've had discussions with Kyrie for the past two years," said Durant. “It's not even about playing together as brothers. We weren't going to play together. We played with the Warriors in my second year and had a mutual friend. We had some wine together and we just connected and we connected to life in general and basketball in general. That has developed over time.

"He didn't like where his situation was and neither did I in Golden State. And it was like," Hey man, just to see how it works, let's give it a try. "And DJ wanted to play with us and that To be the center for us to hold onto and really play for something, for a game team to go somewhere and not just jump around in the league, we knew it would continue to be vital for us in the future, not just as Star, but also as a good team mate, so it just worked. "

Durant called Irving a "pure artist of the game" and his winner of game 7 in the 2016 NBA final "the greatest shot of all time". He didn't give a schedule for a return from his Achilles injury, but teased title expectations when he was finally back.

"At this point, the boys understand what is expected as a group. We have this championship mentality," said Durant. "I'm not saying that we don't guarantee a chip, or we'll just have it." But we know when we click on this Judge, we have to come with this DNA. "