Kevin Knox needs more of it to dispel Knick's fears


MILWAUKEE – Panic had started to reveal Kevin Knox and his future. The former Kentucky star and lottery tip from 2018 receded and experienced a mysteriously quiet radio.

It was only an afternoon, but the Knox hoped everyone would look like he'd reappeared in the garden matinee on Sunday.

After collecting only 20 points in the last seven games, Knox prevailed in the Knicks' comeback win against mighty Miami with 17 points.

Knox needed this in a below-average second season, in which he scored an average of 7.5 points. If interim coach Mike Miller, whose club plays the money here on Tuesday, could be criticized for anything during his 18-game stint, Knox would have looked lost on his watch.

In the second quarter on Sunday, Knox finally lit it. He pulled fouls to get to the free throw line and then started burying the 3's. He dropped his 13-point spree with a hard drive for a left-handed flush.

"He made a great impression throughout the game," said Miller. "But especially in the first half. He really took us away. He played around with a force and went downhill. He was aggressive. It was versatile. He did a lot of different things. We also saw his aggression defensively. He played very well. "

Knox was in a dilemma when asked about its low production. He won't blame for a recent knee injury he suffered in the summer. His scoring average dropped from 12.8 percent last season and his shooting range is mediocre 37.8 percent.

Knicks Kevin Knox had a roller coaster ride in season two.
Knicks Kevin Knox had a roller coaster ride in season two.Anthony J. Causi

Knox spoke about how Miller emphasized how important it is to be more than just a 3-point shooter to experiment more with drives, swimmers and pull-ups. But Knox didn't seem to be sure when to pick his spots, and his attempts to shoot have decreased, especially lately.

In Utah, it was amazing to see how aggressive the 2017 lottery in which Frank Ntilikina was looking for his shot was. In Knox & # 39; first six minutes in Utah, he didn't fire a shot.

"Every single game that he said should be aggressive," Knox said of Miller. "[Sunday] The shots were fired. I got on the line a couple of times to get a rhythm. It helped me a lot to get a little easier [points], The next one I know the sweater is falling on. It's something I have to do consistently to get simple baskets so I can get started. "

When Marcus Morris got a neck injury last week, he expected Knox to be on the grid, especially as a way to get him off balance.

Instead, Miller promoted up-and-coming veteran Reggie Bullock. As a result, the new coach was criticized for ignoring the Knicks player development philosophy. In his defense, Miller tries to win every game and auditions for the next season.

While the 20-year-old Knox sometimes looks indifferent on the pitch, it's really the opposite. He works tirelessly on his game and spent New Years Eve with his brother at the training center in Tarrytown.

"The people around me, my circle, my team, who stay extra long," Knox said of how he ended up with a disappointing second season. "I took pictures with Wayne [Ellington] recently. Shoot with other guys who are good shooters and can teach me things so I can shoot at a high level. It helps me do extra work and stay positive. "

Knox was a mystery to the NBA. However, a GM said, "I think he's really talented. I'm not sure why they don't really invest in him. In the NBA, the hardest thing is to beat your players by mistakes. "

When Kentucky coach John Calipari met Scott Perry during the preliminary design camp in 2018, he said that Knicks GM Knox was a project that was not yet mature for his age and that he needed to be patient. Calipari said it could take three seasons for Knox to appear as a batsman.

The Knicks' patience is put to the test.

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