Kevin Knox reveals summer injury as Knick's minutes wane

<pre><pre>Kevin Knox reveals summer injury as Knick's minutes wane

BEVERLY HILLS, California. – Kevin Knox said it didn't affect his slower second-year campaign, but revealed on Monday that a knee injury had kept him off the pitch for a month or two last summer.

"I have a lot of work to do at the beginning of summer," said Knox. "It was a minor knee injury. I couldn't exercise for a month or two because of the injury, but it had nothing to do with summer. "

Knox was back for most of the pickup games the Knicks played before the training camp in September. Its slowdown is due to fewer minutes and a spare roll.

His decline hit another low when he was deployed to the Staples Center for the full second half on Sunday. Knick's interim coach Mike Miller said that it was more Marcus Morris' job to have a big day. Swingman Reggie Bullock, who made his debut on January 1st, now also steals minutes.

"The twists got a little tight – nothing crazy," Knox said. "I was happy on the bench when I supported my team and cheered them on."

Knox said he was optimistic.

"The people in my circle say they stay locked up and don't get too deep," Knox said. "I have a lot to do. I won't sulk and cry on the bench or go on Twitter and Instagram and cry about it. "

For a change, LeBron James dismissed the Knicks front office. James was asked late Sunday evening after the Lakers' 106:99 victory over the Pistons how he had reacted to David Fizdale.

James, who takes on the Knicks at Staples Center on Tuesday night, has previously praised Fizdale for spending time together in Miami when Fizdale was an assistant coach. Given the poison coming from elite coaches for the shooting, James' reaction was tame in comparison and he said he hadn't spoken to the former Knicks coach yet.

"I didn't have too much reaction," James told reporters. “We talked about the conversation for a while. I knew that Trainer Fiz was a great trainer and a great communicator – he was just trying to motivate his players. I wish him all the best. That's all that counts."

PG Elfrid Payton was still with his new baby in Louisiana and missed training on Monday. The Knicks remain confident that he will return in time to play Tuesday. … Dennis Smith Jr. will miss his fifth consecutive game with a tight angle. … The Lakers recorded 20 blocks on Sunday – most in an NBA game since 2001.

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