Knicks & # 39; Karl-Anthony Town's dream was severely affected by trading with D & # 39; Angelo Russell

<pre><pre>Knicks & # 39; Karl-Anthony Town's dream was severely affected by trading with D & # 39; Angelo Russell

Leon Rose hasn't even officially become Knicks President, and the work of the CAA super agent just got a little more difficult.

One of the stars, some speculating that he might land, customer Karl-Anthony Towns of the Timberwolves, appears to be more optimistic about his future in Minnesota.

The New Jersey native, whom the Knicks wanted to trade for this offseason, was reunited on Thursday evening with a close friend and former Net D’Angelo Russell. Post's Marc Berman previously reported that the Knicks had hoped to have a good position for an "angry" superstar in this offseason, with "Towns" as the dream scenario, but this could be more difficult since he's reunited with Russell.

"I think with D-Lo here it will always be a big incentive for me to want to stay," Towns told The Athletic. “D-Lo is a big part of everything that the vision is. D-Lo always knows that he is wanted because his brother is with him and he always knows that he covers his back because I will always be there for him. "

The Timberwolves had tried to land Russell in a free agency before buying him from the Warriors on Thursday. In October Towns, Russell and Sun's star Devin Booker were on the cover of SLAM magazine. Russell then said they would do it again "if we're all on the same team." He was so excited this season that he met Russell at the airport and brought the new Timberwolves away kit.

"I would be lying if I told you I thought it was possible," said Towns. "I'm shocked like everyone else. We've brought it into the universe since day 1. We have never been shy about saying it in the media or interviews or wherever it may be. If you want something to happen, you have to keep believing in it and say it to the universe and repeat it, and one day the universe will hear it and fulfill your wish. "

It's a big change in Town's response to the Timberwolves swapping Robert Covington for the Rockets on Tuesday. He looked desperate when Minnesota lost 13 games in a row. But Russell has apparently changed his feelings.

"First of all, we're not friends, we're brothers. It's like blood to me," said Towns. "Why I think we'll be great when you see the great teams in history, they always had a great man and a great guard. I think we now have both of these prerequisites for success. "

Meanwhile, the Knicks are still looking for them.