Knicks & # 39; NBA design priority could lead to LaMelo Ball, college stallions


CHICAGO – Incoming President Leon Rose is well prepared for the draft on June 20 with three possible picks in the top 35.

The Knicks, who have the fifth worst record, have their own lottery. Chances are that it should be in the top five when the lottery takes place in Chicago on May 19.

The Knicks will also have the first Clippers classic from the Marcus Morris trade at the NBA date – which corresponds to around 25. And they own Charlotte's second round of election from the Willy Hernangomez deal in 2018. If the season ends today, that election would be No. 36.

According to an NBA source, Knicks' scouting team was instructed that the top priority is a scoring point guard to whom they can apply their lottery selection.

The second priority, probably for choosing the clippers, is a 3-point shooter – something that rookie RJ Barrett has not shown.

Tyrese Haliburton; LaMelo Ball; Tyrese Maxey NBA 2020 bill design
Tyrese Haliburton; LaMelo Ball; Tyrese MaxeyAP (2), Getty

The mission of finding a scoring point guard is good news as there are a lot that want to go high in the lottery. The Knicks are currently burdened with three point keepers on their 15-man squad who are poor 3-point shooters – Elfrid Payton (23.7 percent of 3), Frank Ntilikina (30.4) and Dennis Smith Jr. (29 , 2).

The 6-foot-5 LaMelo ball is one of the most projected selections, although 3-point shooting is not his forte. As The Post reported, none of the Knicks scouting team traveled to Australia to see Ball play live. The Knicks planned the trip for January, but Ball closed it in December after injuring himself.

Ball signed with the Creative Artist Agency, however, and Rose should be his agent.

The other high-lottery choice that played the point and caused a stir was North Carolina's Cole Anthony, Greg Anthony's son, whose newbie season was interrupted by a knee injury. However, Greg Anthony was quoted as saying that his son could return to the UNC next season.

But don't sleep on a few other candidates who can play the point – the Kentucky Combo Guard Tyrese Maxey, the Iowa State 6-5 Point Guard Tyrese Haliburton, and the 6-5 Combo Guard Killian Hayes, who plays in Germany.

It is not yet known whether incumbent President Scott Perry will be in the war room to advise Rose on the selection. Rose is still having trouble with its CAA customers and the official announcement could be more than a week away.

With Rose's consultation, the Knicks went hard after the Golden State Scoring Point Guard D & # 39; Angelo Russell closed 10 days ago, but got away with nothing. Russell landed in Minnesota and the Knicks have to continue their search in the off-season.