Knicks beat up Marcus Morris for "offensive and unacceptable" comments

<pre><pre>Knicks beat up Marcus Morris for "offensive and unacceptable" comments

The Knicks beat up Marcus Morris in a statement saying that his comments about Jae Crowder as a "woman" were "offensive and unacceptable" and "intolerable".

Close of trading is on February 6th and Morris has generated great interest.

Morris was fined $ 35,000 by the NBA Thursday for escalating the Wednesday night brawl in which Grizzlies striker Crowder was knocked down by Knicks Point Guard Eldrid Payton. Although Morris quickly apologized for using terms like "feminine tendencies" to describe Crowders game, it didn't calm the feelings of a WNBA star and, more importantly, the Knicks.

"We understand the NBA's decision to punish and suspend Elfrid Payton and Marcus Morris Sr. for their behavior during last night's game," the Knicks said in a statement. "We also agree that Marcus' comments were offensive and unacceptable. Although we believe that his apology was sincere, this type of speech does not reflect the values ​​of respect and inclusion that our organization stands for and cannot be tolerated. "

Las Vegas Aces superstar Liz Cambage seemed surprised by Morris' views on women after Wednesday's little brawl.

Cambage, who once scored 53 points against Liberty while playing for Dallas, interfered on Twitter: "Excuse me at MookMorris2?" Before trying on Morris to apologize to Twitter. "What about you when you say" it's a game for men "or" woman like "?"


Late Wednesday, Morris said of Crowder: “I think age is easy, he plays the game differently. Many female tendencies on the square. Flop, throw your head back the whole game. It's a men's game and you just get tired at the end of the day. … His game is soft. It is soft. So he wears [himself], It's just very feminine. "

Morris replied directly to Cambage, who is from Australia, and tried to apologize again.

"I apologize if I'm offended [with] my comments in any way, "Morris wrote." I really respect the woman in every way in life. Wasn't raised that way. I'm a big fan of yours. And everything you did for the WNBA and basketball in general ,

"I was wrong to use these terms at all and I am very sorry for all women for my comments," added Morris. "To be very clear, I never tried to take women's basketball with me. You are great in this game and even more amazing off the field. Excuse me."

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