Knicks fall to Kawhi Leonard-less clippers in a wild shootout

<pre><pre>Knicks fall to Kawhi Leonard-less clippers in a wild shootout


LOS ANGELES – It was fun on Sun Sunday as long as it lasted.

The Knicks reached the glorious weather in Los Angeles and looked strengthened early – after a quarter they plummeted to a 45:29 lead. The 45 points bound the 1978 franchise record for most points in the first quarter.

The Knicks shot 19 of 25 out of the field in this quarter, but the clippers flipped the switch in the second half to gain a lead over the Knicks 47-24.

Marcus Morris, who is said to have aroused the Clippers' interest, maintained the Knicks in the fourth quarter and ended the season with 38 points.

Morris & # 39; 3-pointer made it a one-ball game at 131-128 with 38 seconds remaining. Since Lou Williams hit a floater 18.5 seconds ahead, the Knicks needed a stopover. However, Morris scored another goal from the middle of the field and reduced the gap by 10.4 seconds to 3, but the Knicks were unable to get him out.

Kawhi Leonard didn't play, he rested on the second leg, but Montrezl Harrell played.

The 25-year-old dominated with 34 points in 36 minutes in 13 of 21 shots.

Frank Ntilikina
Frank NtilikinaAP

Paul George added 32 points and Lou Williams came off the bench to blind out the 3-pont area and collect 32 points.

The Knicks (10-26) were supported by RJ Barrett, who scored his best game in 24 weeks with 7 out of 11 shots.

Both teams reached 100 points before the fourth quarter began when the Clippers added a 111-100 dent to the final round. The Knicks' defense got tighter in the fourth quarter, and they came back 5:10 within 121-115. Reggie Bullock drilled a 3-pointer from the corner and brought the Knicks 4:50 into 121-118.

The Clippers (26-12) had a terrible defeat against Memphis on Saturday, in which they gave 140 points. Before the game, a thoughtful Clippers coach, Doc Rivers, said it was a shame to develop chemistry, but said, "We have a collection of players that could make us a great team."

Williams, the sixth-class player, scored three times in a row in the middle of the second quarter and Knicks striker were marked for three technical fouls during that period – Bobby Portis, Morris and Julius Randle. Portis has been scheduled for a trash talk with the well-known agitator Patrick Beverley.

The Knicks stay in town to face the superstar tandem of LeBron James and Anthony Davis of Lakers on Tuesday. The Knicks are 6-8 under interim coach Mike Miller.

Los Angeles took the 76-69 lead at halftime when Harrell and George scored 43 points during the break. Harrell was a robust machine and Mitchell Robinson had problems with it.

It was quite a penalty shoot-out, with the Knicks shooting 57.8 percent off at half-time and the Clippers 59.5 percent.

The Knicks Bank did not deliver a blow. Kevin Knox faded further and scored two points in six minutes. He came on as a substitute in the second half.

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