Knicks is interested in D’Angelo Russell as the NBA trading deadline approaches

<pre><pre>Knicks is interested in D’Angelo Russell as the NBA trading deadline approaches

Given the upcoming NBA trading deadline on Thursday, the Knicks are reportedly keeping an eye on D’Angelo Russell.

The New York Times reported late Sunday evening that the warriors are "Hear pitches" for Russell, who only came to Golden State last summer to trade and sent Kevin Durant to the Nets. The Knicks are one of these teams, according to The Athletic, that place potential trading packages.

However, it is unclear how far the talks have progressed. SNY reported that striker Bobby Portis and point guard Frank Ntilikina were mentioned in talks. It could be an active time for the Knicks point guard dilemma as The Post reported on Sunday that the Magic and Timberwolves are interested in Dennis Smith Jr.

Russell, number two Lakers in 2015, signed a four-year deal with Golden State in July. The schedule for the warriors to make a deal is a little bleak. However, they are motivated by the desire to reduce their luxury stress when trying to rebuild a team around Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

With Thompson (torn ACL) all season and curry (broken hand) in most cases, the 11-39 Warriors are in a year hiatus before hoping to return to the NBA competition. 23-year-old Russell, who was an all-star last season, scored an average of 23.8 points and 6.3 assists in 32 games.

Golden State could choose to hold him until this impending off-season, which could result in more deals without the constraint of a hard cap. You could also see where your first designs end up. A top 3 tip in combination with Russell could lead to better returns.