Knicks new prospect Issuf Sanon will probably not play here


According to Forbes, the scouting report on the Ukrainian point guard Issuf Sanon is a lively, aggressive defender.

Knicks' former European boy scout, Tim Shea, told The Post that he was actually "athletic" and known as "Scoring Point Guard", who would likely have to act as a shooting guard in the NBA at 6-foot-4.

Sanon, the Wizards & # 39; 2018 second-round stash pick thrown into the Marcus Morris deal, is playing for his BC Dnipro home in his Ukrainian home this season.

The bottom line of 20-year-old Sanon, however, is that, according to sources, he will probably never play for the Knicks.

Not that he won't be a pledge at a later date. The Knicks won't rule him out for the Las Vegas Summer League in July. Washington had to give the Knicks part of the three-team deal to make the deal official.

"He's a smart, young player who mostly intervened," an NBA scout knew the situation. "Time will tell if he can even make it into the summer league."

The Athletic reported that the wizards were high on Sanon, especially GM Tommy Sheppard. Former Wizards president Ernie Grunfeld made the Sanon selection for the wizards.

Issuf Sanon Knicks prospect
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"If he were a real NBA expert, he would play in Spain, Italy, France or Turkey," said Shea, an NBA consultant for European players. "He would not be in Ukraine yet."

The Knicks have two other European stash picks that will never make it into the garden – unless they buy a ticket from StubHub.

One of them is French striker Louis Labeyrie, who was selected by Phil Jackson in 2014 and played in several Knicks Summer League teams. Serbian point guard Ognjen Jaramaz, who was selected by Jackson in 2017 at 58, is the other. Jaramaz played in the summer league in 2017.

In Morris trading, the new President Leon Rose and GM Scott Perry are still well prepared for the 2020 draft.

The Knicks have their own selection for the first round, which will likely be in the top eight. You have to pick the Clippers first round, which will likely be in the No. 25 area. And they own Charlotte's second round from the Willy Hernangomez trade, which will take place in the 1930s. That's probably three picks in the top 35.

"You'll get three good athletic players in the draft," said an NBA scout.

Maurice Harkless, who was won as part of the Morris package, could target a buyout at the end of February, according to ESPN chief reporter Bobby Marks. Harkless from Queens said it was his "dream" to play the Knicks.

Morris made his Clippers debut on Sunday in Cleveland, delivering 10 points, four rebounds, three steals and two assists in 21 minutes in a router. However, Morris missed all four of his attempts from 3-point range.