Knucks depressed by Bucks in another sad spectacle


MILWAUKEE – The Knicks are halfway to hell.

The Knicks were back at the Fiserv Forum on Tuesday because of their worst misfortune under David Fizdale and one of the last nails in his coffin, a loss of 44 points on December 2nd.

Knick interim coach Mike Miller vowed that the game was "a long time ago", but it seemed to be very new when the Bucks attacked them on Tuesday, 25 points ahead at halftime and a 128-102 win achieved a brilliant new home.

Miller didn't have a magical defensive elixir to slow Gianni's antetokounmpo, who scored 37 points in 21 minutes and 26 seconds and seemed too happy to destroy the Knicks.

The Knicks, who achieved an upset win over Miami, hobbled to the middle of the season with 11:30 minutes and took 22 wins. They are a game before last season's squad in the middle (10-31).

"I think they're probably the best team in the NBA," said Julius Randle, who kept the Knicks in the lead early on, scoring 16 of his 25 points at half-time and also scoring 15 rebounds. "Play on such a team, you can't make too many mistakes and your communication has to be great and you definitely can't dig a hole."

It was an easy, fast, early, and dominant night for Antetokounmpo, who scored 32 points four minutes after the start of the third quarter and scored points in every way. "The Greek Freak" was finally canceled after the third game left 5:40 and the Bucks rose 34.

On Tuesday evening, RJ Barrett and the Knicks had no chance against the Bucks.AP

Antetokounmpo finished 12 out of 17 from the field, 10 out of 12 from the line. He made 3 out of 6 3 hands. He will be a freelance agent in 2021.

Rookie RJ Barrett added 22 points and improved from the 3-point line by scoring 5 out of 7 season attempts and losing 5 out of 6 free throws. But he had nothing to celebrate.

"We were blown away," said Barrett. "I don't think of this stuff when we lose. The game like Miami [Sunday], that made me happy. Not today. & # 39; & # 39;

The frustration boiled over in the third quarter when Knick's start guard Elfrid Payton was referred to a dual technician for flogging officials. The Knicks already lacked base guard Frank Ntilikina (groin) and Marcus Morris (neck). Both players also missed the first meeting here.

"I was just trying to stand up for my teammates," said Payton. "I was frustrated. I felt we were attacking as hard as she was. "

The Knicks only scored 35.3 percent, Reggie Bullock (0: 8) started for Morris and Damyean Dotson (0: 7) scored 15: 0.

Miller said all her mistakes had allowed Antetokounmpo to get his rhythm.

"He came to the basket, we put different people on him," said Miller. "You just saw why they are No. 1 in the East. He did it repeatedly. We had some things we wanted to try, but I don't know how consistently we did these things to make it more difficult for him close. "

Six weeks ago, the Knicks from 132 to 88 were lightning fast on this course. After that, Fizdale said his players expected not to win and he was fired three days later. Miller, then an assistant, disagreed with this assessment, but said he wanted the past to be the past.

"I don't think so," Miller said before the game if the Knicks were the last to be intimidated. "We try to focus on where we are today and where we can be tomorrow. We don't look back. What can we look forward to when our best days are behind us?"

Miller had to plan two time-outs in the first five minutes when the Bucks took an 18: 4 lead and scored 8 out of 11 shots while the Knicks went 1 out of 8. The rampage began when Barrett posted sales that led to an antetokounmpo. break dunk.

Khris Middleton hit on a floater, Antetokounmpo tore off another quick pause for a dunk and then hit "The Greek Freak" on a putback. It was 8-0 after 2:53 had expired and Miller had taken his first break.

The Bucks are a slim, green fighting machine and have increased their best league record to 36-6, with expectations of the final.

"[Giannis] played a good game, but I don't think we played our best game, "said Payton.

A game after Bucks' defeat last month, Fizdale was fired, Miller was promoted, and his record was 7-12. But the Knicks still seem to have been forgotten.

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