Kyrie Irving, Nets Whip Pistons after the Kobe Bryant award


After the shock of Kobe Bryant's death, it was therapeutic for the Nets to get back to work on Tuesday.

The 125: 115 win against the Pistons on Wednesday before 14.275 at the Barclays Center also caused a small closure. The networks honor Bryant and daughter Gianna before the game.

Although the nets were apparently dazed when they stumbled upon an eerily freestanding game in the garden a few hours after the tragic helicopter crash that killed the Bryants and seven others, Wednesday at least returned to an appearance of normalcy.

“It was a unique situation. I'm obviously not a psychologist. [but] We were in a state of shock. That was it, "said Kenny Atkinson." In the area we are in, it hit so quickly and we were preparing for a game. It was just a surreal kind of moment. "… Garrett Temple said it was almost a relief to play again."

Spencer Dinwiddie changed his uniform number to 26 in honor of Bryant, who was wearing number 24, and Gianna, who was wearing number 2, then poured 28 points and six assists. Kyrie Irving, who was close to Bryant and left the garden after receiving the devastating news, added 20 points, five assists and five rebounds. Taurean Prince finished with 22 points.

"In my opinion [Irving] just liked going back to work. That's how it felt to me. Practiced very hard, practiced very well. He was excited. Quieter than usual, ”Atkinson said.

In memory of Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving points to the sky during the victory of the Nets between 125 and 115 on Wednesday evening.
Kyrie Irving points to the sky in memory of Kobe Bryant when the Nets defeated the Pistons on Wednesday evening between 125 and 115.NBAE via Getty Images

“I think we all understand that we have to concentrate on the task at hand and our tasks, and of course the message is that we have to do something here before the All-Star break. It starts at home against a team we fought with last night. "

The Nets came into play after losing 13 of their last 16, but now they are 2-1 in a series of seven consecutive dates against lost teams.

The networks improved to 19-26 amid the chants of “Kobe Bryant! Kobe Bryant! "

They took the lead three games ahead of Chicago in the east after defeating Detroit (17-32) twice in four days and opened a 4½-game cushion on the Pistons.

The Nets had an early 12-point lead, Garrett Temple's 30-foot chin-up was 16: 4 with 7: 9 in the first quarter.

There was still 27-19 left at 1:57 after Dinwiddie found DeAndre Jordan on an alley. But they gave up a 14-5 run and fell back on a 3-pointer from Reggie Jackson (team high 23 points) to open the second quarter.

This included that Temple became bloody from a friendly fire. He took a massive Jordan elbow in his face as the center ricocheted off, went down, and covered his face. He checked out with a 27 second lead and the Nets lost the lead shortly thereafter.

The nets fell back 59:51 to Jackson's floater 3:48 in the second quarter. But they closed half in a 19: 9 run – including 10 from Dinwiddie – to bring a two-point advantage to the locker room.

In a first half, with little defense, the Nets allowed 51.1 percent to shoot, but defeated it by scoring 57.1 percent with a 70 to 68 lead.

With a score of 70 points, Brooklyn took control with a 12-2 run. Irving pressed a 3-pointer to bring the lead to double digits at 82-72. In the third quarter it was still 8:59 and the networks never got stuck.

Dinwiddie hit a corner 3 to make it 105-95, turned and talked to Trash-Drummond. The rest was garbage.

Derrick Rose had 22 for the pistons.