Larry David: Jets GM "laughed" at my design proposal for Lamar Jackson

<pre><pre>Larry David: Jets GM "laughed" at my design proposal for Lamar Jackson

Oh, how could the jets have fared?

During a performance on The Michael Kay Show on Tuesday, Larry David claimed that he called former GM Mike Maccagnan before the 2018 NFL draft and directed him to use third overall for a quarterback without the name Sam Darnold.

"I called Mike Maccagnan ahead of the 2018 draft and recommended the Lamar Jackson draft," said David, a longtime jet fan, and noted that he was a "witness" to the alleged conversation.

While the jets finally started on Darnold, the creators of "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" replied that Maccagnan had condescended to his suggestion.

"He laughed at me, but who could blame him, nobody thought Jackson would be (so good)," said David.

The ravens shoveled Jackson with the 32nd pick. The 23-year-old MVP favorite will face the titans in the AFC division round on Saturday.

Maccagnan was released last May with a two-year term.

David's favorite team has adjusted to the new trainer Adam Gase – just not to his headgear.

"I can't take the hat. I can't take a coach who wears a hat all the time. That tells me that he has something about him, he doesn't feel comfortable with himself," said David.

David said he used a similar tactic when he started doing standup comedy, and said that the hat "gave me a different role and character because I was hiding."

"Either he's hiding his bald head or there's something about his personality that makes him uncomfortable, but you can't trust a man wearing a hat. He has to take off his hat," David said.

Maybe Gase will pick up David for his second season.

The Jets did not immediately return the Post's request for comment.