LaVar Ball asks Sons for Money to Fund the Rebirth of the Big Baller Brand

<pre><pre>LaVar Ball asks Sons for Money to Fund the Rebirth of the Big Baller Brand

LaVar Ball has not yet given up its "Big Baller" brand and is not overwhelmed to ask his sons to help with this endeavor.

In the latest installment of "Ball in the Family," the ball patriarch and his two most famous sons addressed the issue when he helped the failed clothing company, whose website, after an alleged embezzlement scandal involving collaboration, spent a year Alan Foster went dark for a long time. Lonzo, a point guard at the Pelicans, and brother LaMelo, who is a planned top draft pick this year, created a separation from the company. Lonzo even suggested LaMelo to speak to other sneaker brands on the Woj podcast on ESPN. But LaVar is now trying to get her back in the fold.

LaVar was recently in New Orleans for Lonzo's birthday dinner and gave him a gift basket full of Big Baller clothing. Big Baller Brand recently launched its website, although only LiAngelo and LaVar were introduced.

"They said, 'Man, LaVar, you just have to be a father. & # 39; I said, 'What should I and Zo talk about? & # 39; I never talk to him about no birds and bees and all that – t. "I said," I'm talking to him about two things: Big Baller Brand and basketball, "LaVar told them during the show.

He pleaded with his sons to rejoin the Big Baller brand and use all their money together.

"The more special you become, the more all these people will come in with all these other things because everyone wants a piece," he said. “What we're going to do will be a billion dollar thing – everyone has to put their teeth in somewhere. And as a family, we just have to stick together. Okay, we're good. Put your money there. My money over here … Melo over there. And we put all our money together, this is where venture capitalists come in and say, "We have a hundred million for you." We don't need a hundred million. We got it right when we put our (sh–) together. "

In an interview with the producer, Lonzo said he was not surprised to hear his father's request because he wanted Big Baller Brand to do well. But Lonzo said he lost a lot of money with the company.

"You can put it that way," Lonzo said. "Depends who you talk to."