Law, protection or declaration of Liton Das?


Liton Das, a Bangladeshi cricketer, was reportedly wearing a mask as he coached for the upcoming T-20 game in the bilateral series on November 3, 2019. I don't know what he was trying to convey. But don't make a mistake, pollution levels in Dhaka are no better than in Delhi. Let me remind him of that. So what's the statement he wants to make? We know that Dhaka has a population of approximately 20 million. When we travel from one place to another, don't we know how long it takes?

There is always a question mark when you reach your goal. I say this from a personal example. In a place called Matuali, which was once in traffic, our vehicle remained stationary for almost two hours. Getting out of the car would have meant running into a gas chamber that was so dirty 10 years ago.

CM Delhi just discussed that Delhi is a gas chamber, but Dhaka was one a decade ago. Despite the fact that India is responsible not only for traffic and local problems for pollution, but also for Pakistan's acceptance of stubble burning, which is adversely affecting the city along with other neighboring states of Delhi that I visited last year had written a blog about it time. Not only the range of the vehicles from a rickshaw to a range rover, but also emissions from other sources increased pollution. I'm not trying to say that my pollution is better than your pollution, but trying to make a statement in a host country while the situation in your city is now better is certainly not a concern.

Let's get it right Liton Das. Indeed, the Indian government and the government of the Delhi NCT had taken various measures to address this air pollution threat. Regardless of the fuel source that triggers the engine, the pollution certificates are binding for all vehicles. During my brief visit to Dhaka, I found many vehicles that sprayed toxic air out of their exhausts that would make my eyes burn.

All project permits provide for mandatory afforestation. During my visit to the Vasundhara settlement (North Dhaka – I am right because my sense of direction is not good and if I drive a car I do not get to know the city), there has been no reported reforestation. Various other measures are to be taken, including the once successful odd-even program, relocation of factories, implementation of several guidelines from the National Green Tribunal of India, etc.

I have to tell my fellow countrymen that the situation after the rain in Dhaka is not a nightmare

Cities can be dense without being crowded. But in the most densely populated city in the world, the drains don't cope – and create a dark new job

The sewage system in Dhaka is so bad that it often overflows during the monsoon season.

After decades of cleaning the sewers in Dhaka, the crowded capital of Bangladesh, Sujon Lal Routh has experienced a lot of misery. However, the 2008 tragedy was the worst. After a day of heavy rainfall flooded the streets, as usual, seven workers were hired to clear a blocked manhole in Rampura in the city center. Typically, cleaners cling to ropes to prevent them from being sucked up by rising water when they clear clogs. But this group was new to the job. "They knew nothing about the impending danger or how to work in this situation," says Sujon. "Well, she swallowed channel water."

Spectators smashed the street with hammers and shovels. Finally, they pulled out three dead workers. Another four were seriously injured; one later died in the hospital. “The accident gave us fear and we were even afraid to look into the sewers for months,” says Sujon.

Dhaka goes into hiding several times a month during the relentless monsoon season in Bangladesh. The overloaded drains clog and the low-lying city fills up with water like a bathtub. Newspapers such as the Dhaka Tribune complain of the flooding with pictures of flooded buses and quotations from disgruntled commuters and desperate city experts: “Dhaka underwater a

Global poll says Bangladesh has the most polluted air; Dhaka 2nd most polluted capital

– Delhi's most polluted capital; 22 of the 30 most polluted cities are in India
– Brick kilns, vehicles that emit sulfur are the main sources of pollution
– The United Nations rapporteur describes air pollution as a quiet, productive killer
– 800 people die every hour from diseases caused by polluted air

According to a new study, Bangladesh is the most polluted air in the world and Dhaka is the second most polluted capital.

"At country level, weighted by population, Bangladesh is the most polluted country," it said in the 2018 World Air Quality Report released yesterday. Greenpeace and AirVisual, who monitor global air quality, prepared the report based on data from last year public surveillance sources.

In fact, it is a fact that you are catching economic progress. I do not dispute any facts. This is despite the fact that Bangladesh's economy is one-sided in favor of the clothing industry. Even after the abolition of textile quotas in 2005, they held their own through the mere cost competitiveness of clothing exports.
In this context, I do not want to do SA certification because it is known that this competitiveness is achieved through challenging working conditions imposed on the unregulated workers in the Textiles Workers Hostel. However, no comments are made as this is beyond the scope of this piece.

But was Liton Das over the top wearing a face mask? Or did he get another motivation to do so. In 2017, some Sri Lankan players also wore masks while playing in Delhi. Even before Ganguly finally came to a standstill in his new role as BCCI President, Delhi, he was flooded by several petitions from interest groups demanding a change of location. Let's make it clear. I'm not betting on pollution in Delhi.
I'm not saying it's not bad either. It is a danger. However, this has a negative impact on India's international image, since the members of the visitor team are allowed to wear conspiratorial masks. The team that visits us is no better than us at fighting pollution. This has to be emphasized. After visiting Dhaka and seeing the pollution, I knew the irony of the Bangladeshi player wearing a mask.