LeBron James in awe of the unplanned tribute to Kobe Bryant Dunk

<pre><pre>LeBron James in awe of the unplanned tribute to Kobe Bryant Dunk

LeBron James & # 39; tribute to Kobe Bryant last week there was talk of the Lakers locker room days later.

James' double clutch reverse dunk on a Thursday night against the Rockets at Staples Center looked just like a Bryant who was killed in a helicopter crash below nine on January 26 and took on the Kings in 2001.

A member of the Lakers video team put the slams side by side on the team's Twitter account, making them viral.

"I didn't really predict that until I jumped," James told reporters on Saturday after Beat the Warriors. "I just jumped and somehow figured it out and then … it's insane how it's exactly the same dunk, exactly the same hoop that Kobe did [it on] – what, 19 years ago or something? That was great."

He jokingly told his teams, as in the movie "The 6th Man", that Bryant had taken control of him during the sequence that teammate JaVale McGee called "Pretty Dope".

"Kobe came down, put myself in my body and gave me the immersion during that break," said James.

The honor went a step further when James said he saw the video with his son Bronny before Sierra Canyon High School lost Lutheran to Long Island on Saturday.

Bronny threw himself into the game's preparations.

"Kobe is in all of us right now," said James.

NBA photographer Andrew D. Bernstein captured James on the flight to the jam hoops.

"When I first saw it, I thought, 'Holy s – this is an incredible photo," said James. "And then when I found out how it was received."