LeBron James unveils Kobe Bryant's tribute tattoo "Black Mamba"

<pre><pre>LeBron James unveils Kobe Bryant's tribute tattoo "Black Mamba"

LeBron James revealed a new tribute tattoo to Kobe Bryant on his Instagram on Friday, hours before he and the Lakers were supposed to go to court for the first time since Bryant's death.

James posted a photo of the deed showing a black mamba snake with the numbers 24 and 8. "Mamba 4 Life" is written in italics under the snake.

The ink pays homage to the NBA legend who wore numbers 24 and 8 during her career with the Lakers.

Kobe also created his on-the-court role "Black Mamba" to separate his personal life from his basketball career.

He created the nickname – used by everyone, from sportspeople to fans and sponsors – in a rebranding strategy after neglecting his real name after a rape accusation in the early 2000s.

"The name [Kobe Bryant] only creates such a negative emotion, ”Bryant told the New Yorker in 2014.

"I said, 'When I create this alter ego, now when I play, what comes out of your mouth separates personal things, right? & # 39; You don't look at David Banner – you look at the Hulk, "he added.

Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna were killed in a helicopter accident near Calabasas, California on Sunday.

Previously, in another Instagram post earlier this week, James Bryant had paid his tribute and wrote: "I broke and devastated my brother !!"

"Man, I love you, big brother. My heart goes out to Vanessa and the children. I promise you that I will continue your old man! They mean so much to all of us, especially #LakerNation, and it's my responsibility to put this shit on my back and keep it going !! He added in the post, which summarized several photos of the two stars.