Lesson 15: Email marketing for beginners ($ 0 to $ 10,000 / month) – With case studies | Ankur Aggarwal


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Lesson 1: Introduction to digital marketing:
Who is ankur aggarwal ?, meet your coach:
Lesson 2: Digital marketing modules:
Lesson 3: How to start your blog (Hosting, Domain Name):
Lesson 4: set up your blog as a professional blogger:
Lesson 5: Direct traffic to your Blog / Website (several channels):
Lesson 6: What is SEO: What is SEO on the page and how to write an article:
Lesson 7: SEO off the page: what are backlinks? (My work strategies revealed):
Lesson 8: Master the basics of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster:
Lesson 9: Affiliate Marketing (How I earn $ 3-10k / month):
Lesson 10: How to start social media marketing – (5 essential work tips for beginners):
Lesson 11: Instagram Marketing step by step: How to get 10,000 followers in 30 days:
Lesson 12: YouTube Marketing explained in 13 minutes (backed by data):
Lesson 13: Facebook ads in 2019: from beginners to Facebook experts:
Lesson 14: Google Adwords Basics: How to create your first campaign:
Lesson 15: Content Marketing: hidden tactics and strategies:
Lesson 16: Email Marketing for Beginners ($ 0 to $ 10,000 / month) – Case studies include:
Lesson 17: Landing page: How to make a beautiful landing page:
Lesson 18: ORM – What is online reputation management:
Lesson 19: Freelance work: how to earn money as a freelancer (tips and tricks):
Lesson 20: How to get a Digital Marketing job? :

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