Le’Veon Bell is cleaning up Jet’s future after examining Adam Gase’s answer

<pre><pre>Le’Veon Bell is cleaning up Jet’s future after examining Adam Gase’s answer

Jets that fly back Le’Veon Bell sound like he expects to be back in 2020.

TMZ met Bell in Miami this week and asked him about his relationship with jet trainer Adam Gase.

"Me and Coach Gase had our exit meeting," Bell told the website. "It was okay, so we're going straight. Yes, we are good. "

The Bell-Gase relationship has been under the microscope since the team signed a four-year, $ 54.5 million contract in March last year. According to sources, gases weren't for paying back that much money.

The marriage between Bell and the Jets didn't work well in his first year. He had an average of 3.2 yards per carry and no 100 yards rushing game. This has led to speculation that the jets will attempt to trade with Bell this off-season, which seems unlikely given the guaranteed $ 13 million he will generate this season.

Gase was asked if he wanted to keep Bell on the team the day after the season.

"He's still under contract for three years," said Gase. "You can ask Joe (Douglas) tomorrow."

The answer sparked some waves, but seemed to focus more on the reporter asking the question than the question itself.

Bell hasn't said anything since, but didn't seem to care about Gase's comments.

"Everyone blows everything disproportionately," said Bell. "Water under the bridge – we're fine. We're fine. Jets for another four years, provided nothing drastic changes."

His contract is only three years away and the jets can escape him after the 2020 season, but it looks like he'll be a jet for another year.