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It is difficult to improve the picture quality of OLED TVs, but LG did it again. Just like that.

LG's C9 2019 OLED TV is the most powerful TV I've ever tested at CNET. In 2018 I said the same thing about that C8 and in 2017 I said the same thing about that C7, Year after year, TVs based on organic LED technology deliver the best picture quality you can buy, and the C-Series shows LG's best efforts to perfect it.

Admittedly, the differences in image quality between the new C9 and last year's devices are tiny – probably better HDRto process hair more effectively and in milliseconds delay of game – but still enough to make it technically superior. However, for most buyers, these differences are not worth the higher price of the C9 compared to the 2018 models, including my current one Election of the B8 editorial team,

In my side-by-side comparison tests, the C9, C8, and B8 models all outperformed the best LCD TVs I had, but the 2019 TV season is just warming up. I don't have 2019 to test yet Samsung. Sony or Vizio TVs, including Sony OLED models. Any of their flagship sets could potentially upset the C9 and take the crown, and the LG B9, which lacks the C9's video editing capabilities, could do that again best OLED TV value when it debuts later this summer. And like always Expect big price cuts on all TVs this fall.

In the meantime, the OLED C9 sets another amazing yardstick for image quality. Once again, it is up to the rest of the TV market to try to reach it.

Fast LG C9 OLED TV to take away

  • It is available in 55, 65 and 77 inch sizes, but the 77 incher is a quantity more expensive than the others. At this size, most buyers should watch a 75-inch LCD TV first.
  • Currently, the 65-inch C9 costs $ 1,000 more than the B8 and $ 700 more than the C8. The 55-inch C9 costs $ 900 more than the B8 and $ 600 more than the C8. These prices can change, but until the C9 goes through a drastic price cut, the 2018 B8 is still the best value.
  • The image quality was slightly better than the 2018 C8 and B8, but they were so close that all three achieved an image quality rating of "10".
  • Compared to the C8, the C9 is equipped with Alexa, Apple AirPlay 2, and offers more HDMI 2.1 extras, including eARC and auto-game mode and variable refresh rate. Otherwise they are basically the same.
  • OLED display technology is fundamentally different including the LED LCD technology used in the vast majority of today's televisions Samsung's QLED models,
  • The best LCD TVs I've tested so far Samsung Q9 QLED and the Vizio PQ-65F1scored a "9" in image quality. At times they were brighter in the HDR than the OLEDs, otherwise the images of the OLEDs were superior in almost every way.
  • All OLED televisions are subject to temporary and permanent image storage (burn-in) rather than LCD televisions. At CNET, however, branding is not a reason for most people to avoid buying an OLED TV. Check out ours Instructions for baking OLEDs for more.
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In its thinnest form, the C9 panel is less than an inch thick.

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Thinning, winning design

Not much has changed in LG's design, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Viewed from the side, the panel itself is still vanishingly thin, about one centimeter deep, with the typical bulge at the bottom, which protrudes a further 1.75 centimeters. This bulge accommodates the inputs, the power supply, the loudspeakers and other deep TV components.

From the front you can see a black frame less than half an inch around the image above and on the sides. Then there is a little more below, but no trace of silver, no "LG" or any other logo. This is TV in its most minimalist form.

The stand is more beautiful for me than last year, with its angled edges and the medium width at the bottom of the screen. New this year, it is harder to put pressure on the back to better (I suppose) be able to resist tipping forward.


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The "foot" of the stand does not extend far forward.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Familiar smart TV, voice and remote control

LG's webOS menu system feels good and snappy, but is essentially unchanged from the previous year. The innovative extras and the app-based setup are still missing Samsung's Tizen systemand falls below the app coverage of Roku TV or Sony's Android TV, If you want more apps, it's best to buy an external streamer, although only two Apple TV 4K and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, can support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, While LG's apps for Netflix, Amazon and Vudu support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, the built-in apps on the TV give you the best possible video and audio quality without the need for an external streamer.


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The LG Smart TV with webOS system shows on selected apps such as Amazon TV and film thumbnails.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The remote control is the same as last year. I like moving my motion control over the screen, which is especially helpful when I log in to apps or search using an on-screen keyboard. The scroll wheel is also ideal for navigating in apps, e.g. B. in seemingly endless thumbnails on Netflix and Amazon.

Press the microphone button and you can go to the Google Assistant. It can perform all of the usual wizard functions, including controlling smart home devices, answering questions and answers using a voice that is output through the TV speakers. It also integrates TV-specific commands, including a well-implemented voice search. I said "show me comedies" while watching Netflix, and a list of TV shows and movies appeared below, including the results of the current app (comedies on Netflix) and various apps (including Prime Video, Fandango, Hulu, Vudu) and Google Play) and YouTube videos.

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With LG's remote control, you can speak and hear from two voice assistants. The main microphone button calls up Google Assistant. Long press the Amazon button and you will get Alexa.

Sarah Tew / CNET

LG will shortly be the first TV manufacturer to add a second key voice assistant, Amazon Alexa, which becomes available by pressing and holding the Prime Video button. The feature will be released in a software update later this year and will no longer be available from 2018 or earlier LG sets.

There will also be support for Apple later this year AirPlay 2 It can be used as a display for television programs, films, photos and websites with a iPhone. iPad or Mac as a controller and for HomeKit, with which you can control the TV with Apple's Home app or with Apple's Siri assistant. The Apple functions are similar to those of 2019 Vizio and Sony TV while they are full Apple TV app is launched first on Samsung TVs.

Important TV functions

Display Technology


LED backlight

N / A




HDR10 and Dolby Vision

Smart TV:


Remote control:


Functions and connections

OLED is not your father's LCD TV. The LCD display needs backlighting that shines through a liquid crystal display to create the image. In an OLED display, each individual sub-pixel is responsible for generating the lighting. For this reason, OLED is referred to as "emissive" and LED LCDs are referred to as "transparent" displays. This is an important reason for this The picture quality of OLED is so good,

Here, too, the C9 panel has the same basic properties, including light output and color gamut as in previous years The main upgrade is in progress, There is a new A9 Gen 2 chip with a "deep learning algorithm" that, among other things, better adjusts the image for room lighting.

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Automatic game mode is one of the new features in HDMI 2.1 that the C9 supports.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The 2019 OLED models also include the latest version of the HDMI standard: 2.1. That means their HDMI ports support 4K at 120 fps extended audio return channel (eARC) as well as two player-friendly extras: variable refresh rate (VRR) and automatic mode with low latency (ALLM or Auto) game mode). check-Out HDMI 2.1: what you need to know for details. I haven't tested any of these features for this test yet.

The choice of connections is first class. Unlike many Samsung devices, this device has an analog video input for older devices (no HDMI devices), but no longer supports analog component video. New for 2019 there is a dedicated headphone / analog audio output and WISA wireless audio Support.

  • Four HDMI inputs with HDMI 2.1, HDCP 2.2
  • Three USB ports
  • Composite video / audio input
  • Optical digital audio output
  • Analog audio 3.5mm headphone output
  • RF input (antenna)
  • RS-232 connection (mini connection, only for service purposes)
  • Ethernet (LAN) connection
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Three of the four HDMI inputs and one of the three USB ports point to the side of the TV.

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