LG's ThinQ technology shows the future of artificial intelligence at CES 2020

<pre><pre>LG's ThinQ technology shows the future of artificial intelligence at CES 2020

live from last vegas: During CES 2020, LG presented the framework for the future of artificial intelligence (AI). The South Korean multinational electronics company showcased LG ThinQ technology at its huge and impressive booth – a technology that goes one step further by using in-depth learning to make predictions and play a proactive role in the life of the user. From a fridge that tells you when to buy milk to a dressing room that selects the best outfits for your body type, LG gives us a glimpse into the future.

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At the CES 2020, the LG ThinQ functions were shown, which show everyday products that the participants can try out themselves. Each of them followed the four levels of AI experience (AIX) identified by the company – efficiency, personalization, reasoning, and exploration. efficiency Certain device and system functions can be automated here using individual commands such as voice recognition. personalization focuses on learning patterns to optimize and personalize device functions. argumentation imagines an AI that can identify the cause of certain patterns and behaviors to predict and promote positive outcomes for users. and although far in the future, level four, explorationis "The ultimate target for LG's AI." with a concept called experimental learning Based on the scientific method, AI-enabled systems can develop new skills by hypothesizing and testing to identify, learn, and improve new conclusions, adding value to users' lives.

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LG's huge exhibition space at CES 2020 embodied that of the company is at home everywhere Concept with the LG ThinQ Zone that shows a truly networked lifestyle that extends beyond the front door. The experience started with that smart doorwho checks visitors with both facial recognition and vein authentication before unlocking. When exiting, users can see a screen inside the door that shows useful information such as weather and traffic conditions. When departure mode is activated, the Smart Door instructs the LG ThinQ devices to reduce power consumption when all residents have left the house.

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When it comes to fashion, visitors to the LG ThinQ Fit collection could experience virtual fashion without having to enter a changing room. As a further development of LG's original Smart Mirror concept, the LG ThinQ adjustment system uses cameras to precisely measure the user's body and create a realistic avatar for virtual adjustments.

The robot solutions from LG impressed the participants with their culinary skills, their efficiency and their first-class hospitality in the CLOi table zone. The futuristic restaurant showed the LG CLOi robots, which handle the entire process from taking orders, cooking, serving and cleaning. Potential guests can make reservations remotely using the ThinQ app and search the menu using a smart speaker, smart TV or smartphone.

Last but not least, LG demonstrated a personalized experience in the car in the networked car zone, with which users can take a piece of home with them on the go. For example, the vehicle has OLED displays where users can continue to enjoy the television programs and films they have seen at home. In addition, the personal sound zone offers a unique multimedia experience for the driver with voice-activated virtual personal assistant.

"As pioneers in the field of AI, it is our responsibility to take into account the importance of human experience while expanding the boundaries of AI research and development." commented Jean-François Gagné, co-founder and CEO of Element AI. "Together with LG Electronics, we hope this work will help establish standards and principles that will help AI practitioners take a people-centered approach to building the future."

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January 13, 2020