LinkedIn Ads Tutorial for Beginners 2017 – PPC Advertising


Our LinkedIn Ads tutorial is perfect for beginners and we review each different type of LinkedIn PPC Advertising option. LinkedIn ads can be a great option depending on your business and you have several different options. Our LinkedIn advertising tutorial was created in 2017 and should be relevant in 2018.

Best practices: Our 2 main best practices are to track your campaigns in Google Analytics and create multiple ads for each campaign. It is vital to test and optimize your campaigns so you can generate conversions and boost sales.

LinkedIn advertising article on Surfside PPC:

First, we review LinkedIn sponsored content ads, which are a native ad format found in the LinkedIn news source. You can show your ad on all devices and reach many audiences. You can choose from custom audiences, reorientation, member groups, job titles, company, company titles, gender, location, interests and more. There are many ways to reduce your audience.

One of the best things about LinkedIn sponsored content ads is that you can generate leads through your feed. There are LinkedIn contact generation forms that can easily convert people to mobile devices. You can generate leads for your business, for your event or for your conference.

Attract new followers and start building your LinkedIn profile audience by running Pay Per Click Advertising. Your ad can go on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices, and you can easily set your budget and cost-per-click restrictions.

Second, we review text ads, which are LinkedIn ads that run on the right side of desktop devices. You will usually see about three ads listed along with a small icon, a title and a brief description. You can advertise your product or service using these ads in the right column on LinkedIn. It has the same targeting options as the sponsored content, but these ads only run on desktop devices.

Third, we review LinkedIn-sponsored InMail ads, which are ads that allow you to send personalized messages to potential customers using LinkedIn Messenger. You can send them on mobile devices, tablets or desktops and the design responds completely. LinkedIn recommends the use of email-sponsored advertisements to increase enrollment in webinars, events and conferences. In addition, you can generate conversions for your products or services for your business. Finally, you can promote downloads of content such as ebooks, white papers, videos, infographics, images and more.

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