Lisa Coronado Talks Creepshow-esque Holiday Hell and Starring Alongside Jeffrey Combs [Exclusive]


Actress Lisa Coronado follows up a head-turning emotionally-gruelling performance in David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks revival with a fun, horror throwback. Holiday Hell, which is currently available exclusively on Tubi, is a Creepshow-esque anthology feature that combines the united talent of some of horror’s most respected actors with up-and-coming genre filmmakers. Coronado stars in the film alongside Jeffrey Combs and Joel Murray.

On Christmas Eve, a woman enters a curiosity shop looking for a last-minute gift. There, she meets a mysterious shopkeeper who tells her the horrific stories behind four objects in the shop. As he weaves tales of killer dolls, witches and psycho Santas, the woman senses she might be in danger. She has until midnight to choose her gift, but will she choose wisely?

Holiday Hell, I believe, was filmed in the Pacific Northwest -or thereabouts?

Lisa Coronado: Yep! My segment was filmed at a beautiful house right outside of Seattle in Bellevue.

And is that your stomping ground?

Lisa Coronado: I’ve lived in Seattle for 20 years! I love it here. Although it has expanded a lot.

Oh, has it ever!? Though it is one of the most beautiful spots in the country!

Lisa Coronado: I was born and raised 45 minutes southeast of Seattle in a small town called Lake Tapps. I grew up fishing and swimming and boating. It was a pretty great childhood.

Can we swap? Ha! Now I imagine a film or series that shoots close to home is handy, too?

Lisa Coronado: Oh, it’s the best. Way less juggling with the kids and the pets. [Laughs]

Have you been lucky enough to only work on local projects?

Lisa Coronado: I’ve mostly worked local in the state of WA. A lot in Seattle and Spokane. But I’ve also worked in Portland and Ireland. I do really love to travel when I can.

Such amazing places to film – especially Spokane, but we’ll get to that. Tell us how Holiday Hell came about?

Lisa Coronado: Jeff Ferrell messaged me that he had a new script and a part he’d like me to look at. I read our segment and thought it was super fun and smart. I was onboard right away.

And were you a horror fan?

Lisa Coronado: Yes! … And no.


Lisa Coronado: I have a love/hate relationship with horror films [Laughs]. I would always sneak down the hall and watch the TV when my dad was watching scary movies late at night. I think I was 6 when I watched Aliens.

Oh the classics!

Lisa Coronado: I was obsessed! Then sometime in my 20’s they started to really freak me out. I’m now coming back around to them. And I love playing survival horror video games.

Oh, you’ve been turned! Had you seen Creepshow, and other similarly-structured anthology movies?

Lisa Coronado: I saw Creepshow a really long time ago and I did enjoy it! I definitely loved watched Tales From The Crypt as a kid too.

Holiday Hell features 3 stories, I believe – and they’re all bookended by Jeffrey Combs’ character?

Lisa Coronado: Yep! I haven’t had a chance to see them yet- but I’m excited! Jeffery Combs is such a classic horror guy.

So, you didn’t meet him?

Lisa Coronado: Sadly, I didn’t! I only was able to meet the actors in my segment.

Where does your character fit into proceedings?

Lisa Coronado: I play Janet. She’s the mother of Kevin. I go out of town with my husband over the holidays and we hire a very sketchy babysitter to watch Kevin. To try and cheer him up, we give him an old doll we found in our travels. Unbeknownst to us, the doll has some powers. Sinister powers.

It seems a lot of your work of late has bordered on the supernatural or horror – Grimm, Z Nation and the most recent season of Twin Peaks. Has it been a conscious decision to chase parts in those particular genres?

Lisa Coronado: Ha! It has! I really haven’t purposely chosen that genre. It kind of finds me. And I can be such a wimp! Zombies gross me out. It was not hard to be horrified on the set of Z Nation. I do love the supernatural though. I wouldn’t mind doing a gothic horror film. Maybe Jeff Ferrell has one up his sleeve?

Which of those roles would you say has led to the most opportunities elsewhere?

Lisa Coronado: Z Nation was a pretty big spring board. It was my first time doing TV. It was like a lightning fast bootcamp! And the fans are lovely. Twin Peaks definitely gets the most conversation. My scene was short but it was pretty devastating so I think people remember it. And working with David Lynch was a very cool and surreal dream.

Starring horror icon Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator), Joel Murray (Hatchet), Jeff Bryan Davis (Killer Pad), Lisa Coronado (Twin Peaks), and Meagan Karimi-Naser (Dead West), the frighteningly-festive horror anthology features segments directed by Jeff Ferrell (Ghostlight), Jeremy Berg (The Invoking), Jeff Vigil and David Burns.

The highly-anticipated yuletide horror haunt Holiday Hell will then be available exclusively on Tubi exclusive 10/15 and Digital and DVD 11/5 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb