Listen to episode 23 of "Blue Rush": The Giants & # 39; Other Coaches feat. Dick Vermeil


Joe Judge is introduced as the head coach of the New York Giants.
Charles Wenzelberg

It's a brand new episode of "Blue Rush" and Jimmy Failla and I open the podcast and talk about the partial round of the playoffs.

What happened to the ravens? Lamar Jackson and his team met an aspiring Titan team that continues to shock the world. We discuss the breakdown of the Texans and, with the help of some terrible coaching decisions from Bill O'Brien, achieve a 24-0 lead. These decisions contributed to the bad blow of the year: The Texans somehow couldn't cover the + 10.5-point spread. We also discuss that the Seahawks could not cover +4.5 and lost five in their comeback. Who will win the Chiefs-Titans AFC Championship? Who will win the 49ers-Packers NFC Championship? We make our selection.

NY Post Giants defeated writer Paul Schwartz and stopped by in his weekly post. Schwartz speaks about the Giants' decision to hire Patrick Graham as defense coordinator. Was Graham, who led a 30th defense of the Dolphins, a good employee? Who could the giants hire as their offensive coordinator? Failla and Schwartz also discuss whether Pat Shurmur will go to the Broncos as an offensive coordinator and whether he could succeed there.

The legendary head coach Dick Vermeil then accompanies me to a fantastic interview. Vermeil says that everything from the Chiefs is a victory outside of the Super Bowl, how big it would be for Andy Reid to finally win one as head coach, Vermeil's time with the Chiefs, Rams and Eagles and winning the title over the Titans in One Memorable Super Bowl, which turns the Eagles franchise upside down, its break from coaching and why it is returning, changes in today's game, Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher are elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and whether it would mean a lot to Vermeil HOF called.

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