Listen to Episode 7 of "Up In The Blue Seats": Rangers-Islanders Rivalry feat. Bryan Trottier


The rivalry between rangers and islanders is heating up.
The rivalry between rangers and islanders is heating up.Getty

It's Thursday, which is a brand new episode of the most popular New York Rangers podcast "Up In The Blue Seats".

Ron Duguay will be accompanied by post sports journalist Mollie Walker this week to discuss the two Rangers Islanders games. Mollie recounts what the island's head coach, Barry Despite, said to her after the islanders were killed by the Rangers on Monday. Ron surprised Mollie's mother Wendy with a phone call. Wendy was obsessed with Ron when he was on the Rangers and went to meet and greet whenever he did, and even asked Ron for a kiss. This becomes absolute podcast gold.

The Post Rangers beat writer and columnist Larry Brooks and then drop by for his weekly spot. The Hockey Hall of Famer talks about the situation of the Rangers with three goals. Who gets the most season? Are there any truths to Henrik Lundqvist's trade rumors about the Colorado avalanche? Larry says Igor Shesterkin is the Rangers' goalkeeper. Brooks also talks about whether the Rangers-Islanders rivalry will continue in full and what to expect in the Coliseum and Garden next Tuesday. Larry also talks about Tony DeAangelo's improvement this season.

In "Ron Remembers" he brings the news that he will return to a hockey game at the age of 62. He will play a professional hockey game with the Federal Prospects Hockey League next month and celebrate his fifth decade as a professional hockey player, which connects Jaromir Jagr and Gordie Howe. Then he tells a very funny story about Howe.

With the Rangers and Islanders, who played three times in just over a week, there was no better guest than Bryan Trottier. The legend of the islanders, former head coach of the Rangers and Hockey Hall of Famer, has four Stanley Cup titles with the islanders, two with the Bruins and one as assistant coach with the Avalanche.

Trottier talks about the rivalry and looks back when his islanders faced Rons Rangers in the 1970s and 1980s. They compare playing in Madison Square Garden and New York City with the Nassau Coliseum and Long Island. The seven-time champion talks about comparisons with Wayne Gretzky, what he now does as an ambassador for the penguins, and tells his favorite story with Gordie Howe.

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