Little Things Season 3 Review: The Indian Millennial series shines outside of its groove

Little Things Season 3 mithila palkar Little Things Season 3

If the essence of Little Things – the Netflix comedy drama series that focuses on a Mumbai couple created by the writer and star Dhruv Sehgal – should be reduced to one thing, it's all about how arguing can be healthy. Or, like the show's central duo, Kavya Kulkarni (Mithila Palkar) and Dhruv Vats (Sehgal), says that comfort comes from speaking out uncomfortable topics. The long discussions between the two – the long rear view of a car in season 2 is still a highlight – form the foundation of Little Things. This partly explains his talkative nature, which functions as a double-edged sword. It helps what it is aiming for, but it does mean that small things sometimes explicitly explain their issues in dialogue.

The Netflix series is much better if it relies on Show-not-tell's old filmmaker saying. Unfortunately, this execution is never carried out properly. Overall, the third season, which airs on Netflix on Saturday November 9th, continues the improvement of Little Things as a television play. In fact, the best episodes of the new season, "Seniors" and "Vertical Living", are those that don't just focus on Kavya and Dhruv, but focus on their respective parents. Sure, they are still presented through the lens of the central duo, as opposed to Ramy but in accordance with the master of none. The third season of Little Things can view the Indian upper class, be it their culture, their values ​​and their outlook on life, in a way that was not possible before.

In this way Little Things can comment on the social structures of a city like Mumbai. When Dhruv asks his mother (Lovleen Misra) in the middle of one of the two episodes mentioned to think of the beautiful view from her new house on the 14th floor in Delhi's extended suburbs, she laments the liveliness – the balcony talks with street vendors and friends – that hers offer current environment. This exchange is symptomatic of an ongoing theme in the best episodes of Season 3 of Little Things, in which the change in Indian cities as urbanization advances erases the charm and humanity that exist in the relationships built up in small towns. And how a growing demand for the new way of life causes parts of the old world to decay, rot, fall apart and be left behind.

Part of this is the fact that Kavya and Dhruv's parents are aging and getting older, although it only hits them when they see them in the flesh. It doesn't help that both are back home during a transition phase, which also worries the children. But Little Things Season 3 also understands that it's not just rosy and quaint. And it ensures that the disadvantages of the family and the close community are also taken into account. Immense love and care can very easily lead to a feeling of suffocation. And people with shared lives tend to live the same way and think alike, which in Kavya and Dhruv's case brings up common questions about marriage. They have little interest in getting involved if they haven't figured out the rest of their lives.

This is the driving force this season, which begins when Dhruv moves to Bangalore for six months after making a new appearance as a research assistant. While it is literally a whole new world for him, for Kavya figuratively it is a whole new world that admits that she was never on her own in Mumbai after she left Dhruv shortly after moving from her hometown Nagpur. If their relationship temporarily turns into a long-distance relationship, the remaining problems of the second season are of course put under additional pressure. However, if they are away for a long time, they can also discover new sources of happiness and new things about the other two. Of course, it also has a share of frustration, though strangely enough, sex life – or the lack of it – never takes this into account.

Season 3 of Little Things is based on an episode-long montage in "Rectangles" (rectangles) to portray Kavya and Dhruv's largely separate new life, but the moments they select are more useful than revealing. In fact, when they're back in Mumbai – the episode is still more talkative than necessary – it creates more revealing scenes. Another episode, "The Sum of Our Past", consists mainly of flashbacks, which are promising on the surface – they offer an insight into the experiences of the duo "Little Things" with the opposite sex and the subject of marriage – but hardly any realizations deliver. The most successful filmmaking techniques are those that are the shortest in duration: two dream sequences that deal directly with Kavya and Dhruv's fears.

Little Things Season 3 mithila palkar Little Things Season 3

Mithila Palkar as Kavya Kulkarni in the third season of Little Things
Credit: Netflix

One of them is basically a potential little thing. Season 4 – Netflix hasn't announced anything yet, although Season 3 has arrived unannounced for what it's worth – as Kavya and Dhruv take a big step to give each other space To give growth. a sign of their growing maturity, even if it will most likely come at the expense of their relationship. Season 3 also continues the maturity of the Netflix series. Sehgal, who was brought to life in season 1 as a lighthearted, frivolous show – rightly called a honeymoon phase of a relationship – grew up in season 2 on both a narrative and a technical level. address more adult issues in a more refined way. Nevertheless, it was temporarily unable to scratch under the surface of its subject.

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Season three also encounters this problem every now and then, even if Sehgal & Co., who are now working with a writing team and a second director, are more successful in trying to make the little things more expansive. And even if it isn't able to integrate properly, the Netflix series is heartfelt and authentic in what it has to say. (However, it has a habit of occasionally falling into aphorisms.) Not only over a thousand years of relationships in an increasingly urbanized India, but what is happening today in other parts of society as young adults is more individualized than ever. It deals with everyday issues in a deeply felt way and it is only fitting that the third season of Little Things is growing with its protagonists.

Little Things Season 3 will be available worldwide on Saturday, November 9th on Netflix.