Liverpool breaks records and opponents & # 039; determination


Jürgen Klopp's team is represented in the Premier League with an unbeatable lead, and the team's 2-0 win over Sheffield United on Thursday provided further records and points in a remarkable 12 months for the club.

Liverpool dominated United, scoring 874 successful passes in this game – most in the history of the Premier League since data was collected by Opta – and recorded its 18th consecutive Premier League win at Anfield.

And what is perhaps special: With the victory against United – a team that is currently in eighth place in the league and opposes the chances of winning after rising from the championship – Liverpool was the third team that has been in the Premier for a year League is undefeated and moves to Chelsea and Arsenal in the record books.

Since losing to Manchester City on January 3, 2019, the Merseysiders have played 37 league games without a loss. Liverpool have won 32 out of 37 league games in the past 12 months, earning 101 out of 111 points according to the Premier League.

Chelsea were 40 games unbeaten from October 2004 to November 2005, while Arsenal's 49 games were unbeaten – a record no English football league team has achieved – and remained unbeaten throughout the 2003/04 season.

The Reds are still twelve games behind Arsenal's record, and after Thursday's victory, Captain Jordan Henderson said he had outperformed the Gunners or been unbeaten the whole season, like Arsenal's famous "Invincibles". That won't stop fans and experts from speculating about the possibility of an undefeated season.

Liverpool are undoubtedly leaders in the league – 13 points ahead of their closest rival Leicester City and with a game in hand. The team's record this season was 19 wins, one draw, no losses. The 1-1 draw against Manchester United in the fall is the only time Klopp's men have lost points in the league.

In fact, there were only domestic defeats in cup competitions – the FA Cup against the Wolves last January and Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup last month, albeit with a youthful, exhausted team, as the senior team at FIFA Club World Cup started. what it was about to win for the first time in club history.

But despite all the victories, records and titles won abroad – Liverpool was the first English team to simultaneously compete in the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup – Klopp won no national cups in 2019.

As a result, many fans remain reluctant as the team tries to win their first championship title in 30 years.

Although it has accumulated 97 league points last season – the third highest in Premier League history – and won nine games in a trot, Manchester City has chosen Liverpool to be the title winner.

Mohamed Salah has scored 10 Premier League goals this season.

The fact that the pessimists are not carried away is due to the fact that Liverpool was the only team last year to have a seven-point lead over the new year and did not win the title.

Liverpool may be on the run in the Premier League, but there will be tough games that could end the undefeated run of the team and make the second half of the season a little more fearful – Tottenham has an away game 11 and a visit to Manchester in January United in Anfield eight days later.

Liverpool always struggled during Klopp's tenure in January, but as much as Liverpool can afford to waste a few points here and there. According to Opta, only Manchester City 2017/18 scored as many points as Liverpool in the first 20 games of the Premier League (both 58).

If Klopp's team maintains their excellent shape and maintains the astonishing pace of the first half of the season, a first Premier League title could come out for them in the spring. It could even be sealed at Manchester City's Etihad on April 4th.

Liverpool have never done so well in the Premier League. But the best could still come.