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As a small and local business owner, your time is very limited, so you must learn the most economical and efficient ways to manage your video marketing. By making your video ads produce and market intelligently, you can save time, increase sales, customers, get more likes from Facebook, Yelp reviews and even create an email list. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaa … YES! All of those things are possible with the right small and local business marketing strategy.

There are several types of video ads that can be produced to effectively target all local residents who search on Google and YouTube. Everything is covered in our 3-day course, but in this video we will review how you can get produced video ads affordably and how you can take advantage of those video ads to get more likes on Facebook.

Be sure to stay until the end to really learn how you can increase the marketing efforts of your local business through video marketing. It all starts with obtaining properly produced video ads to attract local customers!

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