Long Island Hospital puts & # 039; Black Box & # 039; Technology in the operating room

<pre><pre>Long Island Hospital puts & # 039; Black Box & # 039; Technology in the operating room

NEW HYDE PARK, NY – Northwell Health has started using black box technology in its operating theaters, the first US healthcare system to use this technology. Similar to flight data recorders in aviation, the OR Black Box records video and audio of the surgical process as well as physiological data of the patient and the anesthesia monitor.

"I find it very innovative that Northwell is the first healthcare system in the United States to use this technology," said Mark Jarrett, senior vice president and chief quality officer at Northwell Health. "The OR is the only place where no one has really studied well. However, we know that surgical cases can be very complex and risky. With the OR black boxes, OR teams can learn, minimize risks and improve care. It is a proactive approach. " to improve security and repeat good practices. "

The data acquisition takes place via various sensors, which are placed in the entire OR. The data is then synchronized and reconstructed to check and improve the quality of care. The surgical black box does not collect personal health information about the patient or images. The initiative is confidential and not punishable.

"With the surgical blackboxes, surgical teams can learn, minimize risks and improve care. This is a proactive approach to improving safety and replicating good practices. The data collected is all secure and the names of patients, surgeons and individual cases are not identified, so everyone’s privacy is protected, "said Jarrett.

The healthcare system is currently testing the technology in procedures performed by laparoscopic urology and colon surgery teams at Long Island's Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park. Louis Kavoussi, MD, Urology Chair at Northwell Health, was the first surgeon to use the surgical black box.

"I think this technology is important because it explores potential problems that can adversely affect patient results in the operating room – and the operating room itself was a black box," said Dr. Kavoussi.

The OP-Black-Black-Box® technology was developed in 2014 by the Canadian company Surgical Safety Technologies. Surgeons there and in Europe have been using them for five years.

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