Los Angeles vs. Houston Prediction, Line: Take the underdog in the XFL opener

<pre><pre>Los Angeles vs. Houston Prediction, Line: Take the underdog in the XFL opener

When the XFL returns, many bettors wonder if they should interfere. The good thing is that you don't have to learn a new sport. We trust that our readers know how to hinder football, and apart from knowing the new rules of the XFL, there really isn't much of a difference. Football is football. Last year we faced the same situation with the Alliance of American Football (AAF) and won our best bet in the past seven weeks before the league dropped out after week 8. So we are confident that the XFL will be beatable.

Like the bettors, the bookmakers try to analyze the strength of the eight XFL teams. And no one knows how good the offensive lines or defenses are and how they will behave as units, but the Week 1 lines have been active since Monday and the Over / Unders since Thursday and have already made some line moves. The XFL is betting (and the spreads and totals are shown in the graphs and discussed during the broadcasts), and this movement shows that the weather is rising in this league because people like to bet what they see and what they see bet.

For Saturday’s top game, let’s take a look at the Los Angeles Wildcats at the Houston Roughnecks. This line opened Houston -3¹ / ₂ and was on Friday night through -6 to William Hill and other books. The bookmakers who set XFL future probabilities (probably the people who studied these teams the most) have Houston at a 6/1 consensus and Los Angeles at 8/1, which means that there is a gap between these two teams and the The favorite does not make a big difference to the public because they don't know better.

I suspect part of the love for Houston is that coach June Jones has always been known for crime, but I'm surprised that this line has increased further after Houston announced the former Temple quarterback PJ Walker, who opposed the former Raider Connor Cook will compete. While Los Angeles coach Winston Moss is arguably the least experienced head coach in the XFL, I'm excited to see what former USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow could do with the offense. Josh Johnson, who is the epitome of an NFL journeyman quarterback with 13 teams in 11 seasons, is expected to be the starter, despite missing out on some training sessions with a thigh injury this week. Still, I would trust ex-Princeton QB Chad Kanoff to catch Chow's offense.

Wait for the maximum to be reached, but take LA plus the points and watch these games this weekend to make more informed decisions in the coming weeks.

The game: Los Angeles, +6.