Love TSA PreCheck and Global Entry? Check your expiration date

Love TSA PreCheck and Global Entry? Check your expiration date

Jabez LeBret flashed his mobile Alaska Airlines boarding pass at the agent standing outside the TSA PreCheck line at San Diego International Airport.

He didn’t get very far on the late August trip.

“They stop me and say, “Sir, you’re not TSA PreCheck.”  

LeBret, who hadn’t noticed there was no TSA PreCheck stamp on his boarding pass, was sent to the regular TSA line. Gone were the coveted PreCheck perks: a (usually) shorter line and speedier screening since members get to keep their shoes, belts and light jackets on and leave their electronics and liquids in their carry-on bag.

He didn’t figure out what went wrong until he pulled out his Global Entry identification at the gate. Global Entry, a separate trusted traveler program from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, includes PreCheck benefits.

“I got my card out and realized, ‘Man this is expired,”’ LeBret said. “I was shocked.”

TSA precheck in Orlando, Florida, on June 21, 2018.

Plenty of other travelers around the country are in for a surprise, too, if they don’t check the expiration date on their PreCheck or Global Entry memberships.

Membership in both programs lasts five years and key anniversaries are approaching.  The TSA began began selling PreCheck memberships at airports and other enrollment centers in December 2013. More than 420,000 travelers signed up in the first six months, with a total of 750,000 travelers signed up in the first year.