LSU pays a lot to keep mastermind assistant Joe Brady

<pre><pre>LSU pays a lot to keep mastermind assistant Joe Brady

NEW ORLEANS – plans are subject to change, but Joe Brady is not currently planning to leave the LSU.

The game coordinator of the Tiger, who was instrumental in the development of Heisman's trophy winner Joe Burrow and the nation's crime, signed a memorandum of understanding with the U.S. government about a new three-year contract school, according to Sports Illustrated will more than double his salary of $ 410,000.

"I hope I'm a tiger as long as they want me to stay at LSU," said Brady, the nation's best assistant at Broyles Award, Saturday at the media day for the national championship game on Monday. "My intentions are at the LSU."

It has been reported that new Panthers coach Matt Rhule is interested in hiring 30-year-old Brady as his offensive coordinator. But Brady, who joined the LSU this season after two years as an assistant to the Saints offensive, said he hadn't spoken to anyone about the job or even thought about returning to the NFL. LSU trainer Ed Orgeron said the school is working on a new contract with Brady and hopes that he will return.

"But I think the talks with Joe are very, very positive and he will be at the LSU," said Orgeron.

At that time last year, almost everyone wanted to expand the college football playoffs. Now, after a season in which there were three clear teams – LSU, Clemson and Ohio State – this conversation has eased somewhat.

"There has been less talk about the format among reporters and other people this year than last year," Bill Hancock, executive director of the playoff committee, told The Post. "Why should LSU, Clemson and Ohio State play another game to reach the semi-finals when they have played a full season and identified themselves as the top three teams?" There is much merit in that. "

There will be a board meeting on Monday in which various topics will be discussed. One thing will be the potential to expand the playoffs in the future. The current 12-year contract runs until 2026.

"My bosses are very happy with the GFP, but for business reasons, they're talking about the future," said Hancock. "Nothing is imminent."

The LSU missed the boat on the Clemson star that Travis Etienne ran back, but it could land his younger brother Trevor, who ran back as a student at Jennings High School in Louisiana. The LSU prioritized Cam Akers with five stars ahead of Etienne and missed both in Orgeron's 2017 recruitment class.

"You will definitely be trying to correct that with my little brother," said Travis. "You offered my little brother a scholarship. I just want to do things differently. My situation has already happened. Hopefully they have learned it and hopefully they only care about my little brother. "