Luis Severino of the Yankees wonders if cheating Astros has affected the playoffs


TAMPA – Luis Severino had problems in the postseason and after the revelations the Astros deceived in the 2017 playoffs, he has to wonder how much he blamed for it.

Severino admitted that he was angry when he first heard that MLB in Houston was using an illegal sign theft electronic system that helped them beat the Yankees in seven ALCS 2017 games on their way to a World Series title helped.

"I was angry because I remember how many times I looked in my mechanic's mirror to see if I tipped parking spaces," said Severino after jugs and catchers on Wednesday at the Yankee camp on the Steinbrenner field had reported.

And while he and other members of the Yankees' pitching staff were trying to make sure they didn't tip any pitches, they now knew that Astros hitters got their pitches in real time.

"A lot of things go through your head when you play against such a good team," said Severino. "You think," tip? "And spend hours in the video room watching and saying," What am I doing? "Then you hear what the problem is and there wasn't even a tip."

And he's not sure if the Astros' fraud opportunities have expanded to last year's playoffs when they defeated the Yankees in the ALCS again, this time in six games.

"I'm not sure about buzzers," said Severino. "How many players said [MLB] did the investigation and found nothing. I dont know. I'm just sure what you said [the Astros] used cameras and stuff [in 2017], "

Luis Severino Yankees Astros Spring Training
Luis Severino throws up during spring training in Tampa.Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

The right-hander insisted, however, that he would not allow this to happen this season.

"When something like this happens, you think about a lot of things," said Severino. "But now it's in the past."

And he appreciated that Marwin Gonzalez apologized for his actions when he was at Houston. Now with the twins, Gonzalez became the first batsman to express remorse for his role in Houston.

"Marwin Gonzalez apologized and that's great," said Severino. "She [made] a small mistake. They regret it and now we have to move forward and continue to compete. "

Severino added that he wasn't looking for personal apologies from individual Astros players, but he wants to speak to some of them to find out who is responsible.

"[MLB Commissioner Rob] Manfred has already done everything he could to the players and coaches, ”said Severino. "[The players] I don't have to apologize to myself. For me it is in the past. We can go crazy, but we can't change anything in the past. It's already done."

Severino said he was thinking about what had happened in these playoff series.

"Many things could have been different, but we can't change it," said Severino. "We have to focus on 2020 and try to win."

It is best for Severino to stay healthy, which he could not do a year ago.

"This is a key year for me," said Severino. "The most important thing for me this year is to be healthy until the playoffs and the World Series."