Lulu – Responsive WordPress Theme



Lulu is a fully responsive, minimalist, awesome WordPress theme, with 4 custom post types, responsive flex slider, filterable portfolio/gallery, built-in contact form, and on and on. If you’re looking for a classy responsive theme, Lulu is patiently awaiting your arrival…

iPhone Screenshot for evidence…

Lulu - Responsive WordPress Theme - 1

Some Features

Check out the documentation?

Need Support?

Of course! I’m happy to help, and I try to make it easy to get in touch with me. Here are a few ways:

Depending on how many requests I have at one time, I will get back to you as soon as possible…

Updates (Because work is never done…)

Updated 1.19.12 – Little extra attention to detail on iphone viewing. Now it looks even spiffy-er…

Updated 1.13.12 – Added the ability to turn off the stars. If you don’t like em’…

Updated 1.11.12 – Added Chris Coyier’s FitVids.js to make the videos all nice and responsive, which is super cool. Enjoy!

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