Marcus Morris thrashes Jae Crowder's "female tendencies" after Knick's madness


The tension between Marcus Morris and Jae Crowder had been boiling all night long before a fight against the grizzlies broke out in the garden on Wednesday.

But Morris didn't hesitate to express his feelings after the game either.

“I think age is easy, it plays the game in a different way. Lots of female tendencies on the pitch, ”said Morris. "Flop, throw your head back, all through the game. It's a men's game and you just get tired at the end of the day.

"If you step back and shoot a 3 and try to rub it in, it's just unprofessional," added Morris. "It's soft. His game is soft. He's soft. That's how he wears [himself], It's just very feminine. "

Morris later apologized for his comments.

"I apologize for the use of the term" female tendencies, "Morris tweeted." I have the greatest respect for women and everything they mean to us. It was a reaction to the heat of the moment and I never intended women to do so feel like I don't respect them anyway. Again I apologize with my comments. "

Elfrid Payton fouls Memphis Grizzlies striker Jae Crowder; Marcus Morris
Elfrid Payton fouls Memphis Grizzlies striker Jae Crowder; Marcus MorrisRobert Sabo, Corey Sipkin

Crowder pushed the Knicks over the edge in less than a minute in the fourth quarter when he stole a carefree pass from Julius Randle. Elfrid Payton didn't have it and pushed Crowder down with two hands as he came out of the shot and triggered the brawl.

Morris came over and pushed Ja Morant, who had landed in the middle of the chaos, leading to Morris & # 39; technical foul and expectoration because he escalated the incident. At the time, the grizzlies had risen between 124 and 106 and there were 48.1 seconds remaining.

Morris said he had no problem with Crowder doing the theft. What came next made him angry.

"It ended up being very unprofessional, of course," said Morris. "You win the game, that's a good team. [Crowder] do something like that. "

Morris and Crowder – both former Celtics, although they never overlapped – had gotten tangled earlier in the night. Morris, who ended up with four personal fouls, was accused of an offensive foul for pushing crowder in the first quarter and chirped later in the third quarter.

"The game is watered down," said Morris. "It's not difficult. We can't play physically, you can't clink glasses. It's getting weird now."

When asked whether the way the game ended was due to Crowd's actions or the Knicks' boiling frustration, Morris chose the first.

"No frustration," said Morris. "The game is over. [If] You will win the game, you will win the game. You are the better team this evening. The [what Crowder did] is unprofessional at every level, no matter who it is. … He knows better. He is a veterinarian in this league. But those are his tendencies, man. "