Marshall County officials are reviewing budgetary changes to cope with the financial impact of COVID-19


Zoom of the Marshall County Finance Court

The Marshall County Finance Court met on Monday, April 27th, through Zoom for a budget workshop.

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY – Local governments across the country are preparing for the next fiscal year. COVID-19 is causing financial constraints due to the economic impact of the outbreak. Marshall County is reviewing changes to its budget to offset the $ 4 million decrease in sales for the next fiscal year.

“On May 1st, we have to contact the DLG (Department for Local Government), a balanced budget. It gives us some time after Friday if we want to make adjustments,” said Kevin Neal, a judge in Marshall County, during Marshall on Monday session of the county financial court, which took place via Zoom.

Neal said the county’s subsidies will be financially met.

“All means, we’ve reduced every department, including prison and 911,” said Neal. “The only department that we didn’t reduce except part-time was the sheriff’s department.”

Marshall County Sheriff Department

For some who work for the county, this could mean their job is at stake.

“My goal was, if possible, not to put an option on the table where we fired people. We have some scenarios where this is the case, but we have some scenarios where this is not the case.” said Neal.

The tax court has not discussed which specific departments could be affected by layoffs if they became a reality. The Marshall County Finance Court will meet again at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday to go to more options to balance the budget. Marshall County’s heads of state and government will meet on Thursday for the first reading of next year’s budget.