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A good video is ALWAYS something useful to include in your real estate listings.

But the problem with the video is that it is very difficult to do well.

It takes years of learning and practice even to get close to a high quality video, and that is why most people do not. Hell: just understanding how to use video editing software can take a long time to discover.

Since the video was invented, there has always been a great barrier to entry … but something you may not know is that, in recent years, videos have become MUCH easier to make.

Even if you've never spent a second of your life creating professional videos, I'm willing to bet that YOU EVEN HAVE what it takes to do this.

InVideo allows anyone to make videos, without the need for an editor or sophisticated editing skills.

If you have ever used Canva, you will find many similarities here. In fact, one of InVideo's goals is actually to be the Canva for creating videos, and so far they seem to be on the right track.

Now, obviously, most real estate investors can use this type of software to make videos of property listings, but there are many other creative ways to use these types of videos.

In fact, this is something that most of the biggest news and entertainment websites on the Internet have been doing for years! These are just some examples:

The point is that you are not limited to creating property listings with this software. You can also use it to constantly provide useful and interesting content to your list of buyers, your followers, your potential customers and the like.

People use this type of software for two common purposes:

– Content marketing (give information and advice to people to build trust)
– Creating ads for products (bumpers of 5 to 10 seconds)

This is the exact software used by companies such as:

– Reuters
– Sony Music

You see, InVideo used to be strictly a business product (only accessible to large companies that make more than 1,000 videos per month), but the software was recently opened to smaller "prosumers" and consumers like you and me.

Another potential use for this type of software is to create videos and sell them to other people and companies.

Creating and editing a single video can be very expensive to outsource (trust me, I've tried it and it's not cheap), but when you have software that makes it so easy, and if you feel you have a Thanks to it, you could create and sell Videos easily for $ 100 per pop and the software would easily be paid very quickly.

And speaking of cost, this is by far the cheapest software of its kind (which is surprising, considering how dynamic and easy it is to work with it).

They have a free plan that allows up to 10 videos per month (limited to 720p). Nor does it have a watermark, which is a big problem. You will not find this anywhere else.

I have used other software like this in the past, and what I like about InVideo is that it offers you MANY options and different ways to customize these videos. You are not stuck with one or two basic templates, you can go crazy with the way you want your videos to look (for example, fonts, colors, duration, music, images, footage, etc.).

Unfortunately, every time the software presents you with more options and options, this also gives you more layers of complexity, which means you will have more things to learn and analyze. Don't get me wrong: it's good to have flexibility, but it can also increase the learning curve.

The first time I logged on to the site, it took me a while to figure out where to go and what to do … so I wouldn't call it "idiot-proof," but once you've discovered the basics, it's a breeze.

I have also discovered that not all archival music and footage fits perfectly with every video. Some of the music sounds a bit cheesy and not all stock music is of superior quality, so it is important to make the right decision when creating your videos, or it could have a more negative impact on the things you are promoting.

For the same reason, it is important to use high quality images, footage in your final video, it is so important to use high quality audio elements that really transmit the vibe you are looking for.

For the cost of this software, you can bring a HUGE value to the table if you really use it. I literally don't know an easier way to make videos like this, without using any expensive and crazy software that clogs your computer and takes hours to produce it.

For the 99% of real estate investors I know, this is probably the best option to use if they want to start making videos on a regular basis.

Have you used videos in your real estate listings? Tell us your experience!