Matching fashions for kids and parents working from home


Being locked inside with the whole family for days and days can be tedious, especially when you’re still wearing the same pajamas from last week. Now is the perfect time to mix school-at-home styles with a little mini-me vogue.

Here are some cozy options to consider #cutting while bending over with family.

Do not worry

Matching monochromatic sweatsuits are a no-brainer to keep yourself comfortable and keep things just stylish.


Oversized sweatshirt, $ 18 in H&M

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Fine knit joggers, $ 30 in H&M

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Garter stitch set, $ 35 in H&M

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Lemon drop

When life gives you lemons, why not use them on your sleeve? These sweet pajamas will keep you and your mini-self bright and cheerful.

J crew

“Dreamy” pajamas, $ 79.50 in J crew

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Crewcuts pajama set, $ 45 in J crew

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Sail away

Daydream about days at the beach or afloat in a boat in a sailor shirt and matching jumpsuit.


Top “The Modern Long”, $ 98 in Kule

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Onesie, $ 55 in Kule

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Bi-coastal girls

If you’re in New York, but your heart is still in California (or vice versa), try wearing these cross country jerseys on your next Zoom family.


Maisonette x Cynthia Rowley “CaliYork” T-shirt, $ 80 at Cottage

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Maisonette x Cynthia Rowley “CaliYork” T-shirt, $ 55 at Cottage

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Thorny pair

A cactus print tunic will alert everyone in the house to your morning mood, while a matching prickly dress for your cranky little one brightens up a sticky situation.

Elegant peanut

Robe “Jackson”, $ 55 in Elegant peanut

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“Jackson” twist skirt bodysuit, $ 38 at Elegant peanut

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Good start

Who needs separations when you are socially estranged? Duplicate with easy and windy jumpsuits for everyone in the house.


“Brook” jumpsuit, $ 178 in Splendid

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“Brook” Girls’ Jumpsuit, $ 52 at Splendid

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