Maye Musk reacts to son Elon Musk’s baby news at NYFW 2020

Maye Musk reacts to son Elon Musk’s baby news at NYFW 2020

Turn the track upside down!

The veteran of the Maye Musk catwalk is tired of all the long faces.

"I would like to see the models be a bit nice and easy to relate and have fun," the 71-year-old Canadian-South African cover girl tells The Post from her front row position at the Sally LaPointe show during Week of New York Fashion. "I don't see it at all."

On the other hand, the entire job description has changed dramatically.

"I have finished the track since I was 15," says the silver-haired girl. “Then, I walked very well, I smiled at people and made lovely turns. We combed and made up and brought our own shoes, jewelry, accessories and hairpieces. You would also do six outfits in the program and you can change in 30 seconds. That was his main qualification, "she says.

“Now, when I make parades, I have to be able to walk very fast with a serious or confident face, as they say, and you only have one outfit. You don't have to think about the choreography. Now it's easier. "

There are benefits to your early speed training. "I always arrive early because I can prepare very quickly," says Musk. "Although now, there is a whole glamorous team. I have to comb my hair and make up. I need the contour!

Musk looks forward to the birth of his new grandson, the seventh for his son Elon. Elon's girlfriend, Canadian singer Grimes (born Claire Boucher), revealed her pregnancy on Instagram on January 8.

"I am very excited, very excited," said Grandma Musk. "I have 11 grandchildren, and the more, the better. Everyone gets along."

That is definitely something to smile for.