Maze raises $ 2 million and adds Figma support to enable large-scale user testing

<pre><pre>Maze raises $ 2 million and adds Figma support to enable large-scale user testing

Maze wants to reinvent usability testing by turning design prototypes into tests with just a few clicks. This could be the equivalent of an evolving test suite for developers, but this time for designers – it could be something you do before delivering an update to make sure everything is working properly. The startup has just raised a $ 2 million round of financing and released some new features.

Since I reported on the company, Maze founders Jonathan Widawski and Thomas Mary still have the same vision. The company wants to enable designers to become experts in user testing. With Maze you can turn your InVision, Marvel or Sketch projects into a browser-based user test.

You can then share a link with a group of users to get actionable insights into your upcoming design changes. Everything works in a web browser on the desktop and on the mobile phone.

After running a test campaign, you'll get a detailed report with a success rate (how many people clicked the right buttons to accomplish something in your app), where your users descend, get results, and more.

The product worked well and attracted 20,000 users who work for IBM, Greenpeace, Accenture, BMW and more.

Maze is now also supporting Figma projects. Given the hype behind Figma, it's important to add this feature to stay relevant. It also opens up a new market for maze companies that use Figma as their main design tool.

Maze has also added a feature that should be particularly useful for companies that are just beginning user testing. The startup can put together a tester panel for you.

This is completely optional and you can just stick to your monthly software as a service plan and work with your own panel. However, it offers a good end-to-end experience if you want to group all of your user testing needs under one roof.

Maze has also launched a $ 2 million round of financing. Amplify Partners leads the round, with existing investors Seedcamp and Partech also participating. Business angels in this round also include Eric Wittman, former Director of Operations at Adobe and COO at Figma, Peter Skomoroch, former head of AI Automation & Data Products at Workday, and Datadog CEO Olivier Pomel.