Maze Ransomware attacks the IT services company Cognizant


New Delhi: IT service provider Cognizant said it was affected by the “maze” ransomware that caused some of its customers to experience disruptions. The company’s statement said, “Cognizant can confirm that a security incident affecting our internal systems that causes service interruptions to some of our customers is the result of a maze ransomware attack.”

“Our internal security teams, complemented by leading cyber defense companies, are taking active measures to contain this incident. Cognizant has also contacted the relevant law enforcement agencies,” it said.

The IT services company, using social media, said, “We have confirmed a security incident with our internal systems that resulted from a maze ransomware attack. Our internal security experts are working with leading cyber defense experts to mitigate the problem.”

The company continued to tweet: “We are in constant communication with our customers regarding the maze ransomware attack. We have proactively communicated compromise indicators (IOCs) to our customers.”

Ransomware typically logs users out of their own systems by forcing data encryption and asking them to pay a ransom if they want to access the encrypted data.

In particular, the company has about 2 Lakh employees in India. The incident occurs at a time when global companies have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.