Meet an Video Marketing Expert




Today I have an interview with an expert in VideoMarketing.

Thanks to him, I started this channel on YouTube and for me it was an honor to be able to do this little interview, so let's see what he has to tell us.

I anticipate that it gives us many useful tips that you can apply from now on your channel !!!

Video marketing is the most powerful tool that exists today to give you knowledge in the world of the internet, if something has been learned with these guys, it is that if you are not in experienced video it does not exist.

This is why Victor gives us 3 tips if you want to start on YouTube.

1.- Planning and constancy of your content, YouTube rewards people who upload content constantly and the same days at the same time, so you will be known

2.- To increase your subscribers by 3 add this magic link on your social networks to promote your video

3.- Use YouTube to loyalty your audience and create a very segmented community and direct them to your capture page.

You will see that with YouTube it is very easy to be constant, in a single day you record the videos of a whole month

What comes for video in online business?

The new trend is Facebook Live, as it gives priority to this type of content in its timeline.

Do not forget to create a balance on both platforms.

YouTube gives us many tools to boost our business, such as cards, annotations and final screen.

When you use them you can send the user to subscribe to your channel, continue watching your content, send it to download your magnetmagnet, etc.

But I don't like Andrea on camera?

Victor gives us the best advice that is to start, with the passage of time, you will see the difference and until you are going to love it!

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