Meghan Markle has already signed a contract with Disney as a Royal Exit: Report

<pre><pre>Meghan Markle has already signed a contract with Disney as a Royal Exit: Report

Meghan Markle wasted no time in pursuing her and Prince Harry's independent careers when she resigned as a senior member of the royal family.

The Duchess of Sussex had already signed a contract with Disney before she and Prince Harry shocked the world with their announcement "Megxit" this week, a new report said.

The Times in the UK claims the Duchess recorded a voiceover for a Disney

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Project before she and Prince Harry left for a six-week sabbatical before the Christmas vacation.

The newspaper said Markle voted to donate to Elephants Without Borders, a non-profit organization in Botswana that aims to protect the species from poaching.

The report notes that neither the Duchess nor the Duchess have signed a commercial contract that adds to their personal finances, but claims that their strained talks with the royal family before Christmas included allegations that the couple had already done business with like Disney. "

There was already a relationship between Disney and the couple – the company gave them a watercolor Winnie the Pooh animation to celebrate the birth of their child Archie.

A representative from Elephants Without Borders did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.

The news of the deal comes months after Markle attended the UK premiere of The Lion King in London.

As part of their big announcement on Wednesday, Prince Harry and Meghan updated their official website with answers to burning questions about how the couple's finances would be affected by reduced royal roles.

The couple said that in the current structure, they do not deserve "income in any form" but "ability to earn a professional income".

Negotiations on the couple's exit plan from royal duties continue. Markle is in Canada while Prince Harry is negotiating with the royal family.

Markle was previously the global ambassador for World Vision, the world's largest international children's charity. When the two announced their engagement, they asked for charity donations instead of gifts and selected seven organizations that reflect “their shared values”. These organizations included CHIVA (Children's HIV Association), Crisis, the Myna Mahila Foundation, Scotty's Little Soldiers and StreetGames Surfer & # 39; s Against Sewage and The Wilderness Foundation UK.

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