Melody before and after

Melody lost 77 pounds / 35 kgs. She has maintained her transformation for two years, and is still strengthening. She used a variety of tools, including portion control, exercising at home, cutting carbohydrates and swimming.

I am proud to have maintained for the past two years and lost 77 pounds / 35 kg. I am 39 years old and a mother of two (11 and 9 years old). I also had two caesarean sections. I lost three dress sizes and I stay focused.

I mainly attribute my success to reducing carbohydrates, using portion control and drinking warm / hot water throughout the day. I also avoided soft drinks, caffeine and sugary foods. Exercise and swimming also helped.

Initial weight / current weight
I started my weight loss journey on January 2, 2018 at 110kgs / 242 pounds / 17.3 stone. Now I have reached my goal, and currently I weigh 165 pounds / 75kgs / 11stone. Now, I am in the maintenance stage and I am still working to lose lower belly fat.

What was your motivation?
Over the years, eating unhealthy foods and lack of exercise led to continuous migraine headaches. Now, I feel good and have not had a migraine headache in the last 12 months.

How did you change your eating and exercise habits?
I started by reducing my carbohydrate intake and portion sizes for all meals. I ate gluten-free foods, such as sorghum porridge, beans, nyimo (bambara nuts), oatmeal and fruit. I also drank 1.5-2 liters of warm water every day. I ate more vegetables and organic foods.

Tell us about your exercise routine.
My exercise routine ranges from running, walking, swimming and exercising without equipment at home, such as squats, yoga and zumba. Usually, I stretch and then squat for 10 minutes before bathing every morning. I also go to the gym once or twice a month to use the equipment and swimming facilities.

Instagram: @mel_nyakwima

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