Mets & # 39; Michael Conforto: The Union wants to fight the owners in talks

<pre><pre>Mets & # 39; Michael Conforto: The Union wants to fight the owners in talks

PORT ST. LUCIE – Get ready for a hard ball in the upcoming MLB negotiations.

Mets player representative Michael Conforto said Wednesday in Clover Park that the players agreed despite the general disgust at the Astros and their saga that steals electronic signs. The Mets met with Tony Clark, MLBPA's executive director, on Clark's annual tour of the camps. This was the first stop on the union's journey to every camp in Florida and Arizona to discuss the issues – from Astro's lack of integrity to the free hand to the future of in-game technology.

"These meetings are always about being unified," said Conforto. "There will be a fight in 2021 with the new one [collective bargaining agreement]and we have to focus on that. The goal is to remain consistent. I have no doubt that the league will come together. At the moment it is difficult with all the things that are going on. The player union will be very, very strong at this point.

"We just brought everyone up to date," said Conforto. "Our group was the first to meet."

Clark said, “This meeting was about the state of the game. Where does our game have to go? What kind of game do we want.

“Technology and how it is used. We can talk about removing live feeds. We look forward to the second part of the conversation, a dialogue about the integrity of the entire game, not just about technology. … Every conversation about player discipline must be very specific about what is and what is not an injury, and these are the types of conversations that we must continue to have with boys to ensure that we understand where the group is in the Group has details. & # 39; & # 39;

According to Conforto, the group appears together in the fight.