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Mi Smart Band 4 capsule Mi Smart Band 4

Mi Smart Band 4 is an affordable fitness band from Xiaomi. With this fourth iteration of the Mi Band, Xiaomi introduced a color display and swim tracking, and still claims to offer 20 days of battery life. The Mi Band lineup started with a product that didn't even have a display. Now we get a device with an AMOLED color display and many dials that are impressive. The Mi Smart Band 4 costs a little more than the Mi Band 3, but are the new features worth the price? We used it for a week to find out.

Mi Smart Band 4 design

The Mi Smart Band 4 has all its electronics in a plastic capsule that fits exactly into a silicone band. The display is on the capsule and a single capacitive button is under the screen. The base of the capsule has the heart rate sensor and pens for charging. To charge the Mi Smart Band 4, you have to take the capsule out of the band and place it in the charger.

The Mi Smart Band 4 capsule does not fit very well in the charger. It kept popping up before it hit, which was pretty annoying. This is the biggest design flaw in this product.

The Mi Smart Band 4 is comfortable to wear for long hours. We wore it all day and slept at night and never found it annoying. The band also offers a secure hold.

The Mi Smart Band 4's 0.95-inch AMOLED display is a great feature. The text looks clear and the colors look good too. There were no problems reading under direct sunlight, although the font was a bit too thin for notifications.

Mi Smart Band 4 capsule Mi Smart Band 4The Mi Smart Band 4 does not emerge from the band, which is good

The touchscreen and the capacitive button under the display react. We find the user interface of the Mi Smart Band 4 quite good. You can swipe up or down to scroll through the screens that show details of exercise, notifications, heart rate, etc. You can customize this list using the Mi Fit app on your paired phone. If you swipe left or right, the music player appears. The music controls worked well, but it took a few seconds for the song name and playback controls to load, and we find that this is too slow.

Mi Smart Band 4 performance and battery life

Mi Smart Band 4 has a number of useful features, including the ability to track different types of workouts, including swimming, sleep tracking, continuous heart rate monitoring, and notifications. Our biggest problem with this device was that most of the useful features were disabled by default and we had to enable them manually in the app.

For example, the sleep assistant (with which precise sleep data can be called up), notifications and the option to activate the display when the wrist is raised were deactivated when we put this device into operation. The last feature is so basic that it should actually be the default behavior. These settings are also not easy to find, which exacerbates the problem.

It is important to note that when we activated each of these functions, we received a warning message informing us that this could shorten the battery life. However, in our opinion, missing out on some of the best features of the Mi Smart Band 4 is not a sensible compromise.

Mi Smart Band 4 charger Mi Smart Band 4It was a challenge to install the Mi Smart Band 4 in its charger

In terms of performance and tracking accuracy, we put the Mi Smart Band 4 through our standard tests. First we did a 1 km run that was measured with GPS on our phone and then noted the distance measured by the Mi Smart Band 4. The Xiaomi Wearable does not have built-in GPS, so the distance measurement is probably not very accurate. With Xiaomi, you can use your phone's GPS to track the run if you give Mi Fit access to your location. We disabled Mi Fit location access for this test. The Mi Smart Band 4 covered 1.3 km compared to 1 km on the phone. We tried the same test again after granting Mi Fit location access, and the result was logged 1.11 km. The second result is acceptable, but it has more to do with the accuracy of the phone's GPS than the accuracy of Mi-Band tracking.

We also ran our standard step tracking test on the Mi Smart Band 4, where we took 1,000 steps and counted them manually. We saw that the Mi Smart Band recorded 4,996 steps, which is excellent.

Mi Smart Band 4 also has an exercise tracking mode. We used this for our training sessions and thought it was pretty accurate. The heart rate tracking function was also satisfactory, and the results were pretty good considering that the price of the Mi Smart Band 4 in India is below Rs. 2500.

The sleep data was largely correct, with the exception of the “Time awake” metric displayed in the Mi Fit app. We noticed that the time would wake up as 0 minutes, although we clearly remember waking up several times during the night.

Mi Smart Band 4 heart rate Mi Smart Band 4The Mi Smart Band 4 has a decent heart rate sensor

The Mi Smart Band 4 is classified as safe to swim and can also track your swimming training. We were unable to test this feature during the reporting period, but we took the product in the shower every day and it remained intact.

According to Xiaomi, the Mi Smart Band 4 has a battery life of around 20 days. We used the device for a week and found that the battery had dropped to 63 percent (remaining) during this time. If you activate all optional functions, e.g. B. the precise tracking of the idle state, the battery is discharged faster. Even then, you can expect the Mi Smart Band 4's battery to last for two weeks on a single charge.

Mi Smart Band 4 companion app

We have always appreciated the quality of the Mi Fit app and often found that it is much better than the associated apps for several fitness bands that are more expensive than Xiaomi's Mi Band offer. Our thoughts on the Mi Fit app are still largely unchanged. We think it looks good and for the most part makes it easier to find the data you need. Some data points, such as B. History data for training and running were somewhat difficult to find because they were not in an obvious location. However, this is a minor issue.

We would have liked the Mi Smart Band 4 to appear on the main screen instead of the Profile tab. This would allow us to change preferences and dials for the wearable more quickly. Speaking of which, there are many watch faces for Mi Smart Band 4 and we liked some of them. There are many watch faces here and you can even create custom watch faces with photos from your smartphone. With custom watch faces, only the background photo can be changed. However, you have three display styles to vary the display on the screen a little.

mi smart band 4 Screenshot of the mi fit app Mi Smart Band 4

Another plus is the ability to customize the vibration pattern for the Mi Smart Band 4. By default, the wearable vibrates a little too much to please us. The device can display app notifications and even shows caller IDs and previews for text messages, emails and all third-party app warnings. If you get too many notifications, you should set a subtle vibration pattern for the Mi Smart Band 4. With this optimization, notifications from an annoyance become a useful function. However, you cannot set a different vibration pattern for different apps or people.


The Mi Smart Band 4 is another solid product in the Mi Band range. We liked the accuracy of the display, comfort and training tracking. The Mi Fit app is still pretty good, and the ability to set custom vibration patterns for notifications is a stroke of luck. However, some important functions are deactivated in the standard settings of the Mi Smart Band 4. It's also a real shame that this time Xiaomi chose an inferior proprietary charger. If you can live with these annoyances, the Mi Smart Band 4 is one of the best cheap fitness bands you can currently buy and well worth its price of Rs. 2.299.


  • Accurate activity tracking
  • Vibrant display
  • Safe swimming
  • Custom vibration patterns for notifications
  • Decent battery life


  • Own, poorly fitting charger
  • Some tracking features are disabled by default

Reviews (of 5)

  • Design: 3.5
  • Tracking: 4
  • Companion app: 4
  • Battery life: 4.5
  • Total: 4
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