Mia lost 100 pounds

Mia before and after

Transformation of the day: Mia lost 100 pounds. He tried for years to release the weight, but nothing brought lasting results. Tired of seeing how the pounds affected her working life, her family and her confidence, she decided to undergo VSG surgery.

Mia before and after

The physical weight and emotional weight of obesity have been removed from my shoulders due to my decision to undergo bariatric surgery. Before undergoing VSG surgery, I do not remember a time when I did not enter a room and visually assessed the situation of the chair. If there were folding chairs, I knew I would have to stop because I couldn't trust the flimsy rivets that held the chair together. In my life, I have broken three chairs, two beds and a plastic stool in which I had no trouble walking.

Being obese prevented me in many ways. It prevented me from taking on new responsibilities at work. He restricted my activities with my children. Over time, my confidence was reduced to the point that I would turn away from all attention, anticipating the prejudice that was probably not even there.

For years I tried several diets, sometimes losing a few pounds but always recovering twice or more. I resumed this trip in July 2018. My weight shot up to 275 pounds when I entered the bariatric surgeon's office for my first consultation (my heaviest weight was 283 pounds). Once I completed all the steps over the course of six months, a visit to a dietitian and a visit to the hospital were two of my last steps before undergoing vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

After surgery, I had to adjust my portion sizes, reduce carbohydrates to almost zero and increase my protein and vitamins.

I exercise three days a week. Initially, my exercise routine was just walking. I would try to achieve 10,000 steps a day. After about four months, I joined the YMCA, used the treadmill, started taking hip hop and Zumba. My next step is to start weight training to tone up.

Mia before and after

If I could offer someone considering this route, I say:

  • Document your progress! I started documenting my trip on social networks (Instagram: @ bellybum.vsg), which gave me comments of support and encouragement that I didn't know I needed.
  • Take many photos from before. You will be surprised by the photos side by side once you start losing weight.
  • Look, but don't compare. Let other people's travels encourage you instead of being a source of comparison. The results vary!
  • Take some time for self care. It is important to let your body heal after surgery and beyond. Take some time for yourself. Make a diary, make a wish list, read the book that has been on your shelf for months, etc.
  • The biggest lesson I learned is to make myself a priority.

This experience has changed my life for the better. "Scaleless victories," such as the ability to cross your legs, have a seatbelt loose on an airplane, fit a small size shirt for the first time, are as exciting as watching your number drop on the scale. My current weight is 183 pounds at 5 & # 39; 6 ″ One hundred pounds, gone forever! The journey continues.

Mia before and after